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Dec 19, 2013

Singalong and Temple Square

I've been spending so much time living my life that I haven't had much time to share it with you. On Monday night, we headed downtown even though it was pretty foggy and picked up my sweetie from work before we made our way to the Energy Solutions Arena. Sport was having a fit that we were about 30 minutes later than we had planned. You see, at the singalong, they give every person an envelope full of coupons until they run out and he definitely wanted some! Last year each envelope had a couple of tickets to see the Bees play as well as some other fun things.

But it turned out ok because as we slipped through the door, we were each handed a doughnut and one of those coveted envelopes. Imagine our surprise when we opened them to find that each one had two Bees tickets and two tickets to see a Jazz game!! Sport was beside himself with excitement!

While we waited for the event to begin, my sweetie and I headed for the concessions stand. We had heard that there were reduced prices just for the event, but we had no idea that we could each get a hot dog, a bag of chips, and a drink for only $3.50. Even I can afford that much once in a while for a fun and easy dinner. So we fed all the kids. The girl behind the counter about passed out when we told her we wanted 15 of the dinner specials!

The show was fun and exciting. There was lots of singing and the special guest was Kurt Bestor. I love his music! Then Santa showed up and it was actually our neighbor who does such a terrific job; real whiskers and everything. When the singalong was over, we hopped on Trax and stopped at City Creek. The kids were excited to see the window displays with the huge ornaments made out of candy.

Then it was off to Temple Square. The only trouble was that some of our girls were freezing. They really hadn't dressed for the weather and they were just miserable. After about 10 minutes, we parted company with Bossy's family and they (who had hats, coats and gloves!) got to see ALL the lights while we made our way back to the van.  (Do I sound a little bitter? I'm sorry...) But I do love Christmas lights.

I just love that family time and all the fun things we can do together! Now if we could just figure out how to clean the house together and get the same level of enjoyment...

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