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Dec 10, 2013

Our First Christmas Gift of 2013

It's really fun having older kids who want to take care of their brothers and sisters. So tonight the Gym Rat presented his Christmas gift to the kids. He told them to all get ready because we were going to see Frozen, the new Disney Princess movie, at 9:00. Bossy's family was meeting us at the theater.

The girls were so excited! They have been dying to see it since it came out over Thanksgiving weekend. We don't see many movies at the theater since they are just so expensive! Those 16 tickets cost my awesome son about $130. We chose the late showing because Princess and Scout had dance and with the recital on Wednesday, I just didn't dare have them miss.

About 8:30 we all piled in the van and headed for the District. Sport grumbled a little since this was a Princess movie, but he really likes going to the theater so it wasn't too bad. Baby Doll complained that we weren't buying popcorn, but then she settled in to watch the movie and nothing else was said.

The kids were enthralled the entire time. They laughed at the jokes and a few even cried during the sad parts. When it was over, the credits were incredibly long. The girls were dancing in the aisles because Bossy told us that there was something at the very end when the credits were over. It was silly crazy stuff that memories are made of.

When it was finally over, we made our way to the van. All the way home the kids were blurting out their favorite quotes from the movie and then laughing all over again. It was so much fun and a wonderful gift.

Thanks, Gym Rat!


Marci said...

That sounds like so much fun! Having older siblings definitely is fun for the littles! What a great big brother they have!

I have been interested in seeing Frozen, but will end up waiting until it hits the dollar theater or when it hits Redbox!

Anonymous said...

The movie is one of the few Princess movies that are kind and loving to girls..It is wonderful that your son paid for that movie, over $100.00 is a lot of money for anyone, but his siblings will remember it for a long time..He has the loving holiday spirit thinking of his siblings, not many do anything like that..just another kudos for your parenting and loving of God it shows in the caring of how each child holds his family in the highest of esteem, he will be a wonderful husband and father to his family when he decides to marry...Happy Holidays I love your blog and read it first thing every morning, it is snowing here, icy and cold, schools cancelled and quiet..ciao and XXX()()()()()

LeAnn said...

I think this will have to be a must see show with my grandkids. However, the ones that are close are all boys. I loved that your sweet son did that for you all.
Blessings and hugs!


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