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Dec 17, 2013

The Answer from Texas

Remember yesterday when I wrote a letter to Teach telling her all about Gamer's baptism? Well she responded today in an email and I thought you would like to hear what she had to say.

Teach's Charlie Brown Thanksgiving in Texas - Love this one!
We were planning a couple of weeks ago and we go through a 13 step process over the course of a three hour period on Thursday mornings to plan for all of our investigators, less active members, referrals etc. This is where we set our weekly goals and numbers to achieve for the week. This was probably mid-November and I remember looking at our list of investigators and the calendar as we were trying to set a goal for baptisms and baptism dates. I had this intense impression that December 14th was the day for a baptism. We set a goal to invite someone to be baptized. Shortly after that they dropped us and said they weren't interested. (THIS IS THE MOST COMMON FRUSTRATING THING FOR US RIGHT NOW) anyway... The day you told me that Gamer would be baptized that Saturday I was amazed that it corresponded so well! (: I also remember a couple of years ago on Dec 14th where I said to myself "this day will be significant..." and every year I wait for Dec 14th to be significant and each year it passed without event. This year. It brought a family together. Next year. It will be a sealed family. (: I am so excited for this. I am sad that I missed it but I am simply amazed that such a change could occur. (: 

And this is what she told her mission president:

I never anticipated such an amazing blessing for my family. I have often said things like, "I left my family for 18 months to help others families come together for eternity." But the Lord blessed my family to come together for eternity. This is a true game-changer for my family. I am so happy that I will be able to attend their temple sealing next year. This is why we do missionary work, President. This is why. It changes hearts and it changes lives. I know that only the Gospel of Jesus Christ could have softened the heart of (Gamer). This is a gospel of change. I wish I were there to witness, but I am so glad that I am where the Lord wants me to be. I know that this blessing came as an effect of my family's sacrifice in letting me serve a mission. I know this to be true. 

I am going to work harder in my area, because you never know who is out there. Who finally has reached the point to hear the gospel that has been restored to the earth by our loving Heavenly Father. Never give up on anyone. No is never the right answer.
Don't you think she is an amazing missionary?


Marci said...

Love her response! Sounds like she's the best missionary out there. Again, congratulations on Gamer's baptism. What a huge blessing for the family!

LeAnn said...

She is an amazing missionary. I love her emails. I am a bit emotional reading your posts today. Just know that you touched my hearts with your testimonies.

Anonymous said...

I just got to your blog that you posted before today 12/18..What an amazing missionary and amazing young lady, how she is blessed and how it is blessing your family..Why oh why can't others join in this amazing discovery and revelation from God..The juvenile jails would be empty I tell you..last night I mentioned your blog to a young man who needs to rejoin your church, mind you I am not of your faith, I prayed for him while he chatted with me and my hubs, he so needs the LDS church and God, I think he will return, his grandmother is a faithful participant and loving member of your faith, she is praying a lot for him, he has fallen away from his faith, he is only 22 and so needed a mission to help him in his life..He is challenged but I know god will scoop him up and return him to your faith..i just feel it..Happy and blessed holiday, may God continue to bless your sweet daughter and your family too. cia & X()X()X()


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