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Dec 7, 2013

1st Quarter Recap

I'm so excited to join in the year-end review! They are giving away some awesome prizes and if you remember correctly, one of the things that happened to me in January of 2013 is that we actually won the Grand Prize for the year end Extravaganza! One of my favorite prizes was the plants and rocks and various things to fill a large terrarium. The kids loved this activity!

The most exciting thing to happen in January was Teach receiving her mission call to Texas.

I also started posting my youth novel, Kiylee's Christmas. It was fun to actually have people read the book I had never been able to get published.
I eventually put the entire novel on my blog.

In February we spent most of our time getting Teach ready for her mission. The other thing was to deliver hundreds of boxes of Girl Scout cookies!

We had a fun trip down to Grandma's to give her some President's Day service. The kids loved spending time with her and helping make her life a littler easier.

March was a little rough. We got Teach off on her mission and I moped around for several days getting used to the idea of her being gone.

Baby Doll enjoyed her first Easter egg hunt. We had many fun Easter activities. One of my all time favorite stories is called Scared Beyond Reason. Even after 10 years, the dentist still tells this story.

That's it, our first 3 months! Take a minute and join in this fun game. Here's the button.


Angel said...

Sounds like you had a busy first quarter!!!

Janette @ The Johanson Journey said...

Wow, I bet that was hard to see teach head out. I totally forgot you had won last year's grand prize!! Good luck again this year!!

Nicole said...

Did you ever try publishing through Amazon? Sounds like a good but busy 1st 3 months!

LeAnn said...

What a great idea and I enjoyed our synopsis of your 1st three months.

Emmy said...

Yea, so glad you are recapping with us again! Glad you enjoyed your prizes.
How is Teach doing? I think I will be a wreck when my kids go on missions too someday, but yet so happy as I know that is where they should be.

Kenzie S said...

Congrats on winning the grand prize last year, how fun!
That's really neat that you published your novel on your blog.
Thanks for linking up with us!

Shell said...

Such a big year for Teach!


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