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Dec 23, 2013

Post Number 1000

Can you believe that I am actually writing my 1000th post?!

The pressure of trying to do something cool and important is terrible! Prima Donna is in the kitchen sweeping the floor and shouting out ideas. She suggested that I reminisce a little bit about what prompted me to start writing in the beginning and talk a bit about how the blog has evolved over the last 3 years.

I started blogging about 4 years ago in a private blog Drama Queen set up for our family so I could keep everyone informed of activities and upcoming events. I wrote once a week around Sunday or Monday. It was fun and it got my creative juices flowing again. I remembered that I loved writing!

Then Bossy graduated from college and was having a hard time getting a job. That's when we created Twelve  Makes A Dozen. At first it was a collaborative effort between the two of us. I did the writing and she did all the technical stuff. I think I paid her about $20 a month for her assistance. Since she wasn't working, we enjoyed the time together thinking up memes and trying out ideas like Food for Thought and Friday Freebies.

At first my sweetie was terribly nervous about letting people know who we were, so we created the blog names for each of us. But as the months slipped by he became less worried and he bought me a camera and allowed actual pictures of us rather than just clipart. I thought about using our regular names, but by then we all identified with our blog names and our real names are so similar I thought it would be harder for people to remember who I was talking about.

I think at first Bossy and I were hoping to go viral and make piles of money on our little project. It didn't happen. I spent way too much time visiting other blogs and trying to bring people by to see mine. After a while I realized that I needed to live my life, not just write about it. That freed me up to stop trying to please other bloggers and just write what I know which is all about family. We stopped our memes and I quit spending hours looking for followers. I found a little local advertising group that pays a tiny amount  and I settled into just writing a quick  post every day. I still visit a few other blogs, but mostly because I have made some friends.

Bossy eventually got a job and left me to my own devices. Teach helped me until she left on her mission, and now it's just me. 

I love blogging and sharing my life with all of you! Thanks for being part of my world. I hope y'all hang around for the next 1000 posts. :)


LeAnn said...

Congratulations on your 1000th post. I can't even imagine it.
I do love following your family adventures and I love the names you chose.
Blessigns and Merry Christmas to you all!

Anonymous said...

You are so wonderful I love your blog and look forward to it daily..I think you are an awesome mom and your hubs a wonderful daddy..your kids are outstanding and loving human beings, you give hope to others and your shining example is a model for many who need to parent and not be a friend to their children..Your faith is the most important element in my opinion of your life, if only others could love God and honor him in such a wonderful loving and disciplined like, you actually love and care about your kids and want them to have good & loving experiences with their Mom and Dad, both in the same home, that is so rare anymore, your kids are not spoiled and talk to you like dirt, no siree bob as the term is used, they are disciplined sweet and loving children growing up and have grown up to wonderful adults now parents of their own and your teach on her mission to boot..How wonderful for you and yours, if only other parents could see and experience your parenting and loving of the Lord ways, I pray your blog does that for many parents and Happy Christmas and May God's love and light shine in all your lives each and everyday...ciao & love & peace & joy XXXX()()()()()()XXXXXX()()()()XXXX()()

Anonymous said...

Congratulations upon the 1,000th blog entry, I follow you daily, I love all your entries on how your kids what they are doing and how they are doing it, they are so smart, you help them out and so does your hubs, it is a family affair all the way..keep the blog up and take some time to relax and enjoy your lovely Chritmas, ciaoX()

Marci said...

I can't believe you're at 1,000 posts! Congratulations, friend! I didn't bring my laptop on our Christmas vacation to Nauvoo so I haven't been able to read/comment much, but can't wait to read the other posts I've missed and then blog myself--we've got a baby girl with teeth now!


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