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Dec 6, 2013

Christmas Concert

We went to the elementary school yesterday for Sport's Christmas concert. Their band is small and just learning, but they try so hard and with only a few trumpets it's easy to pick out Sport in the mix.

The concert was different this year because the school is being recarpeted. Yeah, I know, why couldn't they just do it over Christmas break? Probably because that would have made sense! So they couldn't have the concert in the gym like they normally would because it is filled with huge rolls of new carpet.

We were all crammed into the cafeteria, including the band because there was no stage. It was a little crazy! Sport did a great job. He played with the beginning and the advanced band and he also was part of a trumpet ensemble.

On the way out we headed for the front lobby but got all the way there and had to turn around and retrace our steps back through the media center, up the second hallway and finally trip through the workers and scraps of carpet before we could get out the front door.

It was kind of like being at home...

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