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Dec 8, 2013

Guest Blogger: Institute Choir by the Dog Walker

I may have guest blogged not too long ago, but I wanted to say a thing that may sound very interesting of what I've done for Institute for LDS church. I was taking a choir class in Institute that has been happening every Wednesday until this weekend that we had performed in Temple Square to sing some Christmas songs that everyone had enjoyed watching and listening. It was amazingly fun to be in the choir to perform in front of the audience, despite of having to stand all day and try to hold still while your back and legs start aching while you're performing.I've been in the Institute Choir ever since this semester of college has started. It would take us every Wednesday to meet at the rehearsal room and be able to learn and know how to sing the songs that we would be required to do. I felt like I enjoyed being in the choir, especially doing that Century of Honor. I hope you enjoyed of what I said about choir.

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