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Dec 9, 2013

Letters from Texas

I was pretty depressed on Monday when I didn't hear from Teach. I didn't know of a reason she wasn't sending email and given my busy crazy week, I really didn't have time to sit in front of my computer all day although I did it anyway. Not that it helped, by the end of the day, I still hadn't heard from her.

The week rushed by with all the Nutcracker performances and other activities. On Thursday Baby Doll and I went out to run some errands. There are always errands... When we got back I decided we should have some lunch since it was 2:30 already. After we finished our sandwiches, I decided it was time to check my email. I was shocked when I saw Teach's name! And I missed her by about 3 minutes. If only I hadn't stopped to have that sandwich!

Anyway, the reason she was emailing on Thursday instead of Monday is because they had a chance to leave their area and attend the Dallas Temple. She was so excited about that!

I went to the temple todaaaaaaay. (: (: (: (: I just love that place so much. I didn't really have a specific question in mind I just really wanted to feel the love of the Lord while I was there. Which I did. While I was sitting in the session I began praying about what the Lord would have me do when I go home. I really just want to do and be where the Lord wants me. I just want to know what His will is for me. 

 She talked a little about her Thanksgiving and her love of the holidays.

I'm even thankful for cooked carrots!
Thanksgiving was good, but I missed y'all an awful lot. We ate with the Marx and I just got ridiculously excited about everything. I never realized how insane I am about the holidays but I guess normal people don't get that excited. (: I was pacing around Brother Marx as he carved the turkey and he finally said, "Sister C, are you excited or something??" I realized that I was being insane so I sat down at the table. Well, I tried to, then I got excited again and got back up and put the rolls in a bowl. (: I just love the holidays but I miss my family a lot. It was hard to remember it was time to be a missionary and I didn't want to work. :( Shhhh.... But it's ok because I did it anyway. Which turned out well. We tracted 4 doors at 8:15 pm and all 4 people were nice and one lady even let us in and teach her family. That NEVER happens! (: So it was pretty cool. The Lord blessed us for our obedience. 

And a little bit about the weather. I guess it can get pretty cold in Texas.

Yesterday it was 81 degrees. We were sweating. 
Tonight there is supposed to be freezing rain which will leave 1/2 an inch of solid ice on the ground. High of 38 degrees.

I love Texas. (: 

People in Texas don't drive/walk/run/leave their houses when it's icy/snowy because they don't have the ability to get rid of it. Sooo. we'll see how that works out. I'm not sure we can proselyte.... but our leaders will let us know!

They have many plans for the holidays, and one of them includes moving for a little while. They are living with a member family but they have a single son coming home from school so they can't live there at the same time. This is not a surprise, it just makes life a little challenging.

Anywayyyyy... We don't have specific  Christmas plans yet because we don't know what transfers will bring. We have to move out of the Marx house for a couple days because their single-son will be home for Christmas (we totes already knew this would happen so we'll just stay at someone else's house for a while) but the Marx said that we are welcome to come over for Christmas morning. (: We aren't sure what else we have going... but it'll be exciting. I love the Marx. They are wonderful. 

And one last thing you probably already guessed...

Missionary work is awesome. 


LeAnn said...

Oh I love missionary letters. I do know what it feels like not to hear from them. It happened a lot especially with one son who didn't like to write. Emails would have been so awesome. With my daughter she was able to email.
Loved the thoughts and blessings to you! I can't imagine what it would be like to have twelve children to shop for.
Blessings and hugs!

Marci said...

Love this! Yeah, Texans are crazy when it snows/gets really cold because we just don't have anything to fix the problem! I remember it snowed less than 1/4 of an inch and the freeway here was shut down until the snow all melted and went away. Lots of business were closed too, and there was hardly anything on the road!

Anonymous said...

I did not know your daughter and her other missionary friend lived with LDS member host families..The young fellows rent out apts. it is expensive but somehow they manage on bikes they ride and walk around to tell the world of LDS teahings..How proud you must be of your sweet daughter, she is on fire for GOD, he will direct her path when she returns home from her mission..If only other young women and men could do the mission work..There would be no juvenile facilities to house pre-felons, they would all be working on their missions spreading the love of the Lord..I am eating late my supper, made it for my hubs and I, we chat by Skype daily to our daughter in NYC, it is cold and icy and snow is falling, she would love to be home for the holidays but we see her in January early and enjoy being with her..God's blessings to TEACH and to you her momma and daddy, she will be home in a wink of any eye soon, all for the better, her life is changing only for the best that God has in store for her..happy holidays, get some rest and relax she will be home soon, ciao & XXX()()()


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