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Dec 11, 2013

Christmas Gifts

I can't believe Christmas is only 2 weeks away!!

I have so many things to do and I'm trying to be proactive getting a few things done every day. I put together gifts for the kids elementary school teachers today.

Tupperware is so easy for me because I can get it for a good price and everybody thinks I spent tons of money on them. I used these cute little microwave soup mugs and added a can of soup. What teacher doesn't occasionally take soup for lunch? Especially in this crazy cold weather!

For the kids' friends, I bought a bunch of the 6-packs of holiday themed lip gloss. They were cheap with all my discounts, less than 50 cents for each tube. I added a little candy cane and tied them up with some ribbon. For the boys we did the same thing with hot chocolate and candy canes. They are not much, but my kids are always so excited when their friends remember them and they bring home something as simple as a candy cane.

We love Christmas at my house! It has always been a time of remembering those we love. My brother asked me once how can I afford to give gifts to everyone. I told him that the money we set aside for Christmas is sometimes big and sometimes rather small. And like a pie, we just cut it into pieces and even if we can only give a tiny bite, at least we were able to share.

I love the sharing part of Christmas. I love making people happy and I am so grateful for the good people around me. Thank you for being my blog friends!

I hope you all have much joy and love this holiday season.


Marci said...

I love the hot chocolate and candy cane idea! So simple, and pretty inexpensive (especially if you can buy in bulk!) but also tasty! Something else I love about it is that it is something that will be consumed. Sometimes I wonder if some gifts will get used or if they'll be tossed aside and forgotten, but something like cooca will always be consumed!

In my family there are 7 kids, and for the last several years we have figured out a gift giving rotation so that we each just have one sibling (and their spouse/children) to send gifts to instead of everyone. This year we are including some yummy peppermint hot chocolate with the game we are sending to my sister and her family! I hope they love it as much as I have been enjoying it the last few weeks!

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