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Dec 21, 2013

Guest Blog: Girl Scout Christmas Party by Prima Donna

My mom's busy wrapping presents so she asked me to write about our Girl Scout Christmas party today.

I don't know if Mom has told you but Princess is an aspiring baker. She is really good too! She hopes to own her own cupcakery/bakery. So naturally, she's been practicing. Her specialty is cupcakes, but one time she decided to make cake pops for Gym Rat. He is known for his delicious cookies and soon he was bragging to all his friends about how good his sister's cake pops were. He actually brought all of his co-workers some for Christmas.

So my mom had this idea that we would make them for the Girl Scout party. We made them into snowmen and they turned  out so cute and like all snowmen they were all so different and fun. We had some extra cake left so each scout made enough cake drops (cake pops not on sticks) for the people in their families. I rolled one in coconut, and it was so delicious!!

Besides that we made these cute little butterfly necklaces. They were a lot harder to make then I thought they would be.  I finished first so I was deemed the "all-knowing helper" when I honestly couldn't remember how I did it. Oh well. They turned out super cute though.

Mom and Bossy (who is the assistant scout leader) gave us these really cute socks as Christmas presents. I got them and have been wearing them since they're really comfy. We also got some of the Girl Scout patch ornaments we made for Festival of Trees because we didn't end up using all of them. Then all the girls got a candycane from our famous candycane garland and were on their way.

It was such a fun day and a great way to start of the Christmas weekend!

4 Days 'til Christmas!!!!


LeAnn said...

It looks like you had an awesome party. I loved your post.

Marci said...

I love the butterfly necklace! That is beautiful! Sounds like a fun party!


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