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Feb 28, 2013

Running Like Crazy

My days and weeks are completely crazy lately! Just a rundown of today to give you an idea.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning after tossing and turning until almost 3:00 AM because my legs hurt from playing basketball until 10:30 and because I finally decided that Baby Doll had nursed her last drop. She was unhappy about that too, so neither of us slept very well.

My sweetie took the first school runs and let me doze back off. Then Gamer took my last group of elementary kids so I didn't really have to crawl out of bed until the phone rang around 8:30. I tried to sort out some last minute details on our basketball tournament that starts tomorrow and ended up talking long enough that I didn't have time for a shower but barely got Curly ready for school and out the door by 10:00.

I dropped him off and then took 33 boxes of cookies with me to Curves to deliver. (I know, it's a conflict of interest...). After working out I headed for home. Then Princess and I delivered about 10 cookie orders before it was time to pick up Curly at noon. Then it was time to take Burrito to school.

I had planned to go to Parent/Teacher conferences right at 12:30 but someone else called wanting their cookies and we eventually delivered about half a dozen more orders mostly outside of our neighborhood. Then Teach called to say she was celebrating and brought home Little Caesar's Pizza for lunch.

After food, we finally made it to the high school. We finished with moments to spare for Princess to get ready for her dance class and then for me to load up another 3 dozen boxes of cookies to take to the elementary school. Crafty, Scout, and I got almost all of them delivered before 4:00, but then it was time to take Prima Donna over to the middle school for her parent/teacher conferences.

We finished at 5:25 with five minutes to get to the dance studio to pick up Princess. I had 10 minutes to print an address and gather another cookie order while Princess changed before she had to be at the church so she could attend the Jazz game with her YW group. After dropping her off, Crafty and I delivered the order and then I dropped her at her meeting at 6:00.

Back at the house I had 10 minutes before Teach and I headed out the door for Tupperware training. We both got some fun and amazing prizes! Then it was a 20-minute drive back home. We arrived about 8:30, grabbed leftover soup from last night's Blue and Gold banquet and settled for about 10 minutes before one of my scout moms came over for more cookies. She is also my assistant for basketball so she brought me more paperwork to be signed before our first game on Friday. I tried to arrange for those signatures but by then it was after 9:00 so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Homework and scriptures for the younger kids took until after 10:30 and then I finally got 10 minutes to talk with my sweetie about all the happenings of the day. Then it was time to help the Dog Walker finish up his homework and help Bossy plan a trip via email.

At 1:30 I sent the Dog Walker to bed (BTW he got a job at WalMart today, moving freight on the graveyard shift). That was one of the many good things that happened today. He won't start for a couple of weeks, probably about the time Teach leaves for her mission.

I almost went to bed, but then I remembered how much I love talking to you guys so I took a few minutes to share my day. It will be well after 2:00 before I turn off the light. I really need more sleep and fewer cookies, although the piles get smaller every day.

And tomorrow I have to cook! No more leftovers. At least we have the Kindergarten Operetta to look forward to...they are doing Peter Pan and Burrito is an Indian Warrior. We can't possibly miss that!


Shell said...

Such busy, busy days!

Marci said...

Good luck distributing the rest of your cookies! Y'all are so busy!

Dog-Walker said...

Two weeks until I get to work at Walmart, huh? I'm a bit nervous about the graveyard shift there.


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