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Feb 22, 2013

Girls' Night Out

Last night Teach and I had the opportunity to go to the University of Utah Health Care "Girls Night Out" event. I had to work it in around basketball games and it was difficult but worth it. (Let me just say that Princess and Crafty each made 4 points in their game! It was the first points Crafty ever made in a YW game so she was really excited.)

Teach put together dinner while I was at the game and she put it on the table right before the two of us headed out the door. We had heard that there was to be some food at the event, so we took our chances and we were not disappointed. As soon as we walked in the door we were greeted immediately and invited to enter a drawing. We were each given a fold up makeup bag as a gift for coming and a glass of sparkling grape juice.

There were people everywhere to help us find what we were looking for, but since we missed dinner, we started with the food. It was awesome! We filled our little plates with meatballs, stuffed mushrooms, ham-wrapped asparagus, and skewers of chicken, tomatoes, and cheese. Then we found the dessert table loaded with cookies and tiny cake bites.

After we finished, we discarded our plates and moved to the nutrition area. The nutritionist handed out healthy recipes and explained the sugar and fiber content in dozens of foods. We were then able to sample a delicious pasta.

Our next stop was to head upstairs. I was mostly interested in speaking with a dermatologist. I have been blessed with clear skin and I rarely have trouble with acne, but my children are not so fortunate. So we spent most of our time listening to the various options and entering the drawings for free prevention kits. They gave us a trial- sized powdered weightless sunscreen and a mini bottle of soap! If we had more time we could have even gone back in the office and had our skin "read" under black light to see where the most sun damage had occurred. The services they offered were awesome!

They had lots of free drawings and we put our names in as many of them as we could. We listened to several doctors and learned a lot about being a woman. They had different booths for mental health, infertility, high-risk pregnancy, and so many others we didn't even get to see. We were still upstairs when Mary Nickles was speaking so we missed part of that, but we did hear her talk about her personal experience with cancer. At the very end we waited with bated breath as we held onto our tickets for the grand prize.....wait for it..... We didn't win. But we were pretty close! Hopefully we'll be getting a call soon with winnings from one of their other drawings though.

Teach and I had a basketball game at 8:00 so regretfully we had to leave at 7:30. I would have liked to visit a few more tables and taken a self-defense class. The info on menopause started at 8:00 so I still don't know anything about that, but we did win our basketball game. Teach made the first shot of the game with only 4 seconds ticked off the clock. I eventually ended up with 6 points and going up for a rebound I wrenched my left knee a little. I'm having a hard time walking without a limp this morning.

Maybe we should have stayed at Girls' Night Out.

To learn more about Girls Night Out you can click here.

***I was compensated for attending this event and posting a review.***


Marci said...

That sounds like a fun night! Hooray for free food!!

LeAnn said...

I certainly must look up more of these kinds of events; that sounded awesome. I could have gone with my granddaughter who is presently living with us.
Loved that you won your game; basketball is my favorite sport to play and now since my knee surgery this past year; I am probably not going to get to play again.
Blessing to you all!


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