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Feb 21, 2013

Guest Blogger: Mission Update - by Teach

Today marks the one month before I leave for Texas. My emotions behind that statement really can't even begin to be summed up because they range from bursting with excitement to curling up in the fetal position.  I guess you could call it an emotional roller coaster! Thanks to my wonderful parents I almost have everything I need for my mission and I even have a good handle on the packing already.  Thus I'm left with time on my hands. Usually this time is spent watching Psych with Baby Doll or other various children. We are pretty much hooked on at least one episode a day.  My dad keeps saying I should be breaking myself away from things that I won't be able to do on a mission, but my theory is I might as well "fill my canteen" right? It's crazy that I'm down to one month left of my life as I know it.
Yesterday Curly called me over to play a game of chess with him. I found him sitting there with all of his pieces and I was given one queen to move around the board. It reminds me of how in life sometimes we might feel alone, but we are never alone. We always have someone there to help us. Curly helped me put all of my pieces on the board and we commenced.  In the end I won that game, but we all need help every once in a while. So don't be afraid to ask. (:

I'm excited to go to Texas. I will surely miss my life here, but this is the greatest thing I could be doing at this point in my life. (: I know that it is the right thing, and that it will change me and my family forever. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again in the next month! (:

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Marci said...

Wow, spammer comments galore! Good luck, Teach! Enjoy your last month home, and get ready for summer in Texas!


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