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Feb 13, 2013

Abravanel Hall

About the first week in January, Prima Donna came home all excited from school. Her band teacher had announced that the Jordan Youth Symphony was looking for more clarinet players and she was just dying to join!

I looked at the calendar and questioned my sanity, then somewhat reluctantly, I agreed. How could I say no? I want to encourage my kids to excel in music and this was a great opportunity. Bossy had played in the Jordan Symphony Orchestra in high school, but this was a first for my kids on the Middle School level.

So the rehearsals started the following Monday. I have to run her to a different middle school several miles away by 3:30 and then pick her up again at 5:00. I guess it's not really that bad, just one more thing.

Then yesterday morning it was payoff time. They had their first concert (which I think was really a festival). The only problem was that it was at 8:00 in the morning! Prima Donna had to be at the school at 6:45 AM and we left shortly afterward to drive downtown.

No, the concert wasn't at one of the local schools. This one was at the legendary Abravanel Hall! Prima Donna was SOOO excited to be in there! It was truly the main reason she wanted to play with this orchestra in the first place. We were favored with four songs and I wasn't disappointed. Not a squeak to be heard from the clarinet section even though she agonized over that possibility for days.

As we walked back across the busy morning streets of downtown Salt Lake City, I pondered the decision to sign her up in the first place.

It was a good one.


Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

That sounds like a great experience for her!!!

Anonymous said...

Your children are so talented, musically and creatively..they share with their siblings, work hard get good grades, help others, why for the love of our Lord cannot other mothers and fathers take their parenting responsiblities seriously...??? why...I live near a high school many won't even walk to the school, before I used to take a bus to work early, I would talk to the kids, most did not have moms and dads that cared, they were too busy running for money, cars, trips, mani pedi's and hair cuts..They seemed to just left their children drift, I would sometimes give them hot cocoa and some toast, most had no breakfast, I think it is child abuse to treat your own children that way, no good breakfast, no good night's sleep, no goals, oh, my..When I read your blog each and everyday I praise God for you and your hubbs devout faith and love of your wonderful wonderful children and how you are a real family..One of the fellows I fed almost daily graduated from the high school, we attended the ceremony, his kin and parents did not, I saved money up so he could go to the junior college and gave it to him, he cried and hugged us like we were his mom and dad, it broke us up a lot, after the all night alcohol free grad party, we picked him up to rest on our big couch, he said his parents were working, then took him out for a wonderful lunch/dinner...We could not believe one so sweet was not loved and appreciated by his momma and dad, he is doing well at the junior college living with a relative who loves him and cares about him, she told me thank you a million times, it is his aunt..I tell you half the kids in the juvenile facilities would not be there if they had a Mom and Dad such as you are, love and affection, a deep and abiding faith and discipline and hard work, no siree..We keep in touch and will attend his graduation in a year or two, he will be repairing cars and have a good job..all because I would talk to him early each morning and offer some food and listen, can you imagine, I think his parents should have been arrested for child abuse I really really do, but there was nothing the law told me they could do..God's blessings to your talented daughter and to you Sandy and to your husband for your love of faith, family..Ciao

Marci said...

That seriously sounds like an incredible experience! I totally wish I had been able to play at a cool venue like that during my band career. Now I just wish that I played at all... maybe it's time to ask my mom to send me my flute or oboe so I can get back into it.

So glad you found the time to get her to her rehersals and were able to attend the festival! Music is so important!

Sara Bell- The Traveling PhoBlogWriPher said...

What an awesome experience! I'm sure she'll cherish it forever. =]

Sara Hammond said...

I loved playing in JYS and JSO. The friends and the music will become cherished memories, for sure. Congrats on a great decision!


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