Feb 23, 2013

Nothing But Cookies!

I spent the better part of my day loading and unloading, counting and recounting Girl Scout Cookies. My troop sold 312 cases of the tasty little beauties, but now comes the hard part...the delivery!

We are supposed to see a big storm tomorrow and I just know the girls are not going to want to go out in it. March Madness for me means not having a living room for a couple of weeks because there are cases of cookies stacked everywhere. It only dawned on me yesterday that I would likely still have cookies all over when the family comes on March 17 for Teach's farewell. Not sure yet how I'm going to deal with that yet.

But I do know that we will be loading up the van tomorrow right after building a little Grave Digger Monster truck at the Lowe's Class and making all of our neighbors happy. If you are one of them, quick find your checkbook and we'll see you in the morning!


Marci said...

Days like this make me wish I was your neighbor! Good luck delivering all your cookies!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That's a lot of work and for those of us who love the cookies each year I say "Thank You" !