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Feb 27, 2013

Guest Blogger-- Blue and Gold Banquet by Dog Walker

 I have to guest-blog for my mom, because she was a little exhausted from the Pack Meeting Blue and Gold Banquet we did. And speaking of that, I actually like to talk about what happened at it. We were planning a Blue and Gold Banquet as a ceremony about the plans were doing for the next Pack Meetings for 2013. By the way, I am the Assistant Cub Master with my Dad. That is an amazing job, since that I was the Awesome Autistic Boy Scout on the news. Anyway, the other night, Mom and I had to make sure everything was ready before the next day. We were so on schedule and that we had to make sure the fliers were delivered and that we had to set up tables and chairs for the banquet. Mom was so worried that we would never be able to set up all the tables on time before the banquet started. The other days, Teach had to make a special slide show about the cub scouts and the other fun activities we did in 2012. With some guys from their volleyball practice, when they were done using the gym, they helped us out on setting up tables and chairs and it lasted for a few minutes to make sure that all the tables and chairs were set up for everyone to sit and eat the soups that they brought especially when we brought with us, our home-made turkey noodle soup. After we ate the dinner and passing out awards, we did tell them about what Pack meetings were about to do for the rest of the year, especially a promise to do Cubmobiles. Cubmobiles will be a lot of fun for the Cub Scouts. I hope we keep that promise for them.

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