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Feb 8, 2013

The Pilgrimage

What is the definition of a pilgrimage? A religious journey? Teach and I made a short one today although if we would have tried to walk it we would have been on the road for months.

I've told you for years that I'm from small-town, Utah. Well, today I'm confessing that I grew up in Ephraim. It's pretty much right in the middle of the state and home to Snow College, the tiny school where my sweetie and I met.

I attended grade school and Jr. High in Ephraim and then when it was time for high school, we were bussed 7 miles to Manti.

Manti is even smaller than Ephraim and rather than a college, their one claim to fame is the LDS Manti Temple.You can see it almost the entire drive from Ephraim because it sits on a hill overlooking the valley. Since I grew up there, it is one of those icons that always reminds me of my childhood home. My sweetie and I were married in that temple and Teach was anxious to go there.

So we left around 9:00 this morning, just the two of us in her little car. She drove as far as Nephi where we got off the freeway to make the journey through the canyon toward Ephraim. But first Teach insisted that we had to stop and see Drama Queen. I, personally, was a little nervous about just showing up randomly in her classroom, but Teach seemed to think it would be OK as long as we took her a gift.

That prompted a trip through the drive-up of the only Wendy's in town. Frosty in hand, we walked right into the office of Juab High School. Teach was right, the office ladies thought we were just so sweet they even offered to escort us to Drama Queen's classroom.

After a quick hug we were on our way.

We arrived in Manti and completed our trip to the temple by about 3:00. Then we stopped by Terrel's grocery in Mt. Pleasant for a couple of dozen of the best doughnuts on the planet. We spent a few minutes with my sweet MIL and after another hour on the freeway we completed our pilgrimage

As you can see, we were spiritually and literally fed.

And we didn't even have to walk.

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Anonymous said...

Are you getting ready for the mission of your daughter?????? I pray for her daily, my friends are of your faith they pray too. It takes great faith and to me courage to go to a town far from parents, and talk of one's faith and try to get people interested. So many dangers in this world, but I just know the Lord will have a yoke around her and your church will be protective and many will be sweet and kind. When the missionaries come here, I give them hydration in the summertime and cookies or some sammies..In the winter soup and drink of their choice, I listen about your faith and realize these are young men and children of cherished families. Why not be kind and considerate, they are brave & miss their parents and speak lovingly of your faith, why not show them others of other faiths are kind and loving too. Plus they really like my cooking for some reason! God's richest blessings to your sweet daughter and to you her Momma and Daddy too, the time will fly and she will be coming home to you & yours so quickly! ciao!


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