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Mar 1, 2013

Kindergarten Operetta - Peter Pan

I'm pretty sure I told you yesterday that tonight was the kindergarten operetta. We have participated in many operettas at our elementary school. I wish I could say that I remember all of them, but the kids do. Scout's class did Snow White. We can't remember what Drama Queen did and she is asleep so I can't text her. (Maybe she will comment with the answer.)

Teach did Wizard of Oz, Princess did Beauty and the Beast, Sport did Aladdin, and Prima Donna's class did Peter Pan. None of my kids have ever had a major part. They are usually dancers, but sometimes singers. I guess their acting talents stay hidden until they are older. Maybe it's because most of my kids didn't talk AT ALL in kindergarten or the better part of first grade. My grandson, Burrito, doesn't have that problem, but he too was a dancer, an Indian dancer, and he did a fantastic job! He has so much personality on stage and in these pictures.

We got there early, but we were still way in the back. These operettas are always well-attended. I was planning to take all the kids until Bossy told me they sent out a letter asking for parents only. I guess they were worried about space. In the end, Bossy, Gamer, Prima Donna and I were the only four from our family who went. Prima Donna even skipped her dance class because she was dying to see if they did Peter Pan the same way her class did 9 years ago. And yes, she even remembered her dance as an Indian basket girl. (Although she told me that the choreography this year was definitely different.)

Seriously, how much do you remember from kindergarten? Me? Hardly anything! The whole performance took about 40 minutes from start to finish with many fun songs and cute kids. Gamer snapped these pics after it was all over since we were too far in the back to get any sort of picture during the show. All in all, a very fun time!

Does your school do an operetta or something like it?

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