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Mar 28, 2013

Getting Enough Sleep

Last night we played basketball from 9:00 to about 10:45. It was not an official game, but my friend, Pam, was on my team and I don't know what it is about her, but when we play together, I feel inclined to run a little faster and try a little harder. She never says anything that would make me feel that way, I just know she loves the game and her efforts make me want to play my best too.

We have no pics of me playing basketball. But this is our gym.
That said, after helping the Dog Walker with his homework until almost 3:00 AM, I was barely able to roll out of bed at 9:30 so I could get Curly to preschool! My sweetie just got through lecturing me about the evils of staying up too late and teaching the kids to do the same. He's probably right...you know, early to bed, early to rise, and all that. It's just easier said than done.

I spent my day like this. After I dropped Curly at school, I stopped by to take care of a friend's dog while she is on vacation. Then I hurried home to help the Dog Walker finish his Humanities assignment. Unfortunately, I zonked out at 3:00 AM, but he was up until 5:00 AM working on it. At 11:00 he still needed a little more sleep, so I did some long overdue paperwork, paid bills, stuff like that until it was time to pick up Curly at noon.

The Dog Walker and I immediately went downtown for his appointment with the Missionary Department. He is hoping to serve a mission, but the counselor told us it is extremely unlikely that he will be sent out like Teach. He can serve his mission right here in town and live at home. He was quite relieved although he is the one pushing for a foreign mission. We had this conversation the other day:

Not getting any sleep stinks! Cute piggy nose!
Dog Walker:  I want to go to Japan on my mission. Do you think they teach Japanese classes at my college?

Me: Japanese is a hard language, why don't we try Spanish?

Dog Walker: Mom. They don't speak Spanish in Japan.

So it appears that Church Service it will be. That means he might work on Temple Square or in the Church History Library. He might work at the Bishop's Storehouse, handing out food to those with financial needs. It could be anything like that! I'll keep you posted.

We got home from that meeting at 4:40, just in time to take Scout to softball practice. While she was at practice, I st
opped by the cookie manager's house and turned in all my paperwork. Yay! Cookie
s are over for another year. Then I ran into the grocery store to grab a couple of things. It took longer than I planned and I had to race back to the house, quickly unload, and head back to the park to pick up Scout.

I dropped her in front of the house and then it was off to Tupperware training. I did win three pretty major prizes, so that was fun. When I got home, I grabbed a bite to eat (thank goodness I assigned Prima Donna to make dinner) and moved to the computer to help Dog Walker finish his assignment. He is still working on homework now and it's nearly 1:00 AM. I worry about his sleep schedule even more than mine. He has an 8:00 class and he is finished at the school at 2:00. Then he comes home, walks a couple of dogs, does homework, and gets ready to work the nigh shift. He gets off at 6:00 AM. That makes a long day for him.

But at least he has youth on his side. Me? I'm just getting old.


Anonymous said...

You are keeping busy because that is what you do, probably not to worry about Teach and her missionary training and going to Ft. Worth, TX. You are amazing, but you do need your sleep and it will affect your health if you don't get it, in our home, it is lights out early and up early and exercise and walking and volunteering and home to rest a bit..make our meals, etc. spring is here, the daffodils are out in big form, the tulips pushing up the grape hyacinths are beautiful and smell great..Happy Easter and happy Passover belatedly from our home to yours, you are a wonderful Mom and your hubs is right you need to get that sleep and set a great example for your kiddos! Ciao!X()

Marci said...

We have a young man in our ward who has aspergers (that doesn't look right, but you know what I mean) and is serving a church service mission here at home! He serves at our local distribution center and it is the perfect fit for him. I can't wait to hear what Dog Walker's assignment may be! No matter what it is, it will be perfect for him and a great experience!

As for sleep... I have often wondered how you function when I hear how late you stay up! You're amazing, but definitely should sleep a little :) I woke up at 5 and could NOT go back to sleep, and now at 8:45 am back in bed before I head to my ob appt!

Messy Musings said...

Sleep? What's that?

Having served a mission in Japan, plus also took Spanish in HS and college... trust me, Japanese is SO much easier!! (Not to read, of course).

With Japanese there are a grand total of only 5 irregular verbs (five I say!!)... and only four tenses. In Spanish, pretty much every verb is irregular and don't even get me started on how many tenses that language has!!

Now certainly as a Missionary I know extra help was obtained in learning the Japanese language. Only drawback is a lack of opportunities in the USA to speak the language (versus Spanish could be used every single day here).

I say if Dog Walker wants to learn Japanese, YAY for him!! Yes I am probably biased on that. But really any language exposure is great. I even took a couple of sign language classes in college... that's a wonderful (and beautiful) language too!!


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