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Mar 16, 2013

Grandparent Program

I'm just going to quit promising. I guess I was thinking that the news shows would be put up on the web site immediately or at least within a few hours, but they are still not available. When they are I promise to put them up ASAP...OK?

Yesterday I told you I had to get up early to go to the grandparent program. As it turned out, my sweetie decided he better go with me although he hates having to be the grandpa rather than the dad at the elementary school. It's a little weird having a grandson in second grade and a daughter in first grade in the same school.

That's me in the red shirt in the middle.
Anyway, we showed up at the school about 5 minutes before the program started, so of course we had to sit in the back. Taco did an awesome job on his speaking part and we still enjoyed the songs I have already heard six other times by my own kids.

I was really sweating the last item on the program which was a waltz. When they made the announcement, I stood up and headed toward the front of the gym where 60 other kids were waiting with Taco for their grandmas and grandpas to come forward.

The song was half over by the time I made my way through the crowd, but Taco smiled at me and took my hand. He had clearly been practicing his box step and I was a failure when it came to dancing a real waltz. When I dance with my sweetie he knows I like to look around and watch other people. Taco wanted me to concentrate on the steps just as hard as he was.
Happy to be called "Grandpa."

"Grandma, you're doing it wrong!" I heard that phrase more than once. To tell you the truth, I was rather relieved when the song finally ended. The speakers began the opening notes to the second song when I grabbed his hand, "Let's go find Grandpa," I suggested.

He wasn't far away, and I'm pretty sure he was laughing at us...

Then we headed for Taco's classroom so we could share cookies and some punch. It got pretty crowded in there by the time all the kids and their grandparents showed up. I did manage to snap a picture for you before we made our way out the door.

I think we need to get used to activities like this one. I'm sure we will have plenty more of them in our future. Thanks for the fun morning, Taco!

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