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Mar 22, 2013

Going to the Dentist

Several weeks ago I decided the best way to cope with Teach's farewell was to schedule these days full of activities so I wouldn't have time to miss her. (It didn't really work, I found myself thinking about her often although I managed to keep the tears at bay.)

So this morning I had a visit with my doctor for my annual checkup. Then right after school and just before parent/teacher conferences for my elementary-aged kids, I took Crafty, Sport, Curly, and Baby Doll to the dentist. Scout has her appointment next month since she had her teeth cleaned when she had her work done last year. Curly complained the entire way to the school about the yucky toothpaste and how much he hated having his teeth cleaned.

Since I had to pick up the kids right after school, I also had Scout, Burrito, and Taco with me. That's right, seven kids under the age of 12 at the dentist's office. You always knew I was a little crazy. Thank goodness they have fun toys there, although some would say a little TOO fun. I could not get Burrito to use an inside voice. When I finally threatened to take him home, he resorted to simply making sound effects rather than speaking real words.

They called back Crafty and Sport first and they had their entire appointments with me in the lobby. Which is fine, they are plenty old enough for that. Sport had amazing teeth with no problems even though I know he hates brushing them. Crafty brushes often and she still had three cavities. (She must have her dad's teeth!)

Then they called back Curly. He bravely stepped up by himself and followed the rather pregnant hygienist to the cleaning area. I hung back for a minute, assuming they would call Baby Doll. After a couple of minutes we joined them in the other cleaning station. Baby Doll was a bit nervous at first until they put the headphones on her and Tangled came on her TV screen.

I glanced over at Curly about 10 feet away. His hygienist suddenly stood up. "He just threw up!" she fumed. Then she looked at me like it was my job to clean him up. Since Baby Doll seemed content and safe, I rounded the half wall and began wiping Curly's face with his napkin. It was everywhere! And not to be too graphic, but it had a weird spongy texture much like the Greek yogurt he had shortly before we came.

My big girl!
The girl scowled and handed me a wet towel. It worked much better and within minutes he was mostly cleaned up. The hygienist complained about her lack of work on him but then excused him to join his siblings in the lobby with an abrupt, "I'm done!"  I was a little annoyed. What kind of lesson was that?! Next time we come in and Curly doesn't want his teeth cleaned, all he has to do is throw up and he is done.

But I learned a lesson too. Next time he won't be eating yogurt right before he comes in, I'll give him something a bit more disgusting, like carrots or corn!

At least Baby Doll didn't have any cavities...


Natalie Ockey said...

Ummm . . . Too graphic!


Anonymous said...

You must have great health and dental insurance..Here a hygienist must clean up all throw ups, she was not professional at all...You should have said something to the dentist, you were billed for a cleaning and it seems to me your son did not get it..poooh to that hygienist, they are paid premium salaries here and I would have pitched a big fit..We cannot use any dentist in this county, they charge too much, we are forced to go to another state and work something out, our longtime dentist is a LDS member and a sweet loving, dentist, father and grandfather soon. He would never allow his Hygienist to treat us to that kind of behavior kids are kids and human beings are human beings, we pay cash before our insurance kicks in and he gives us a 15 percent discount on that.Oh, my I would be speaking to the dentist about that unprofessional treatment! My hubs worked in the grocery business for nearly 40 years he cleaned up all kinds of stuff people threw up, left on the floors, during one strike of his union I worked a retail job, I had the fortune to have a job to tide us over for 17 weeks, I had to clean up everything, I would have never said to a customer here is a mop, etc. I would have been fired, I figured it was my job, did it happily picked up my check weekly and we were able to pay our health insurance/dental premiums, get food we needed and gasoline, the strike pay was abysmal but at least I was working and my hubs got his job back after the strike, what a rude Hygienist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Messy Musings said...

I'm thinking broccoli (and cheese) with breakfast... then oreo cookies in the car on the way to the dentist!! The hygienist needs to "earn" her salary next time!! LOL ;o)

Thanh Arnett said...

You should have made a complaint about the hygienist’s attitude towards the situation. She shouldn’t treat the patients and the patient’s family in that manner. Maybe, it’s time to find a new dental office, where you would be provided with professional service and be welcomed by the staff.

Thanh Arnett

Eugenie Velasquez said...

In the hygienist's defense, she was pregnant at the time, and pregnancy tends to do crazy things to women's hormones! Still, I do agree that the behavior was unprofessional. She at least could have informed you in a better manner, and could have at least helped out if she didn't want to do the entire job herself. I do hope that the other children had a better experience with their hygienists, and that any future visits to the dentist go a lot smoother, and with a lot less mess!

Gus Eckles said...

Oh wow, 7 kids in one trip. That is a lot to handle. XD

I think the hygienist’s attitude was uncalled for. Knowing that you’re working with kids of young age, you should really expect these kinds of things and be more patient with them. That, and her just giving up halfway through a dental work is really unprofessional. Maybe next time, try to avoid that particular hygienist and insist on another one, even if it ends up eating more time. If they ask why, then bring up this incident. At least this way, they’re the ones who brought the topic up first.

Shelly Slader said...

I took my little girl to our dentist in Edmonton and it actually went surprisingly well. Glad that is over with!


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