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Mar 24, 2013

In the Mail

Guess what I got in the mail?

Two things, my tax refund and a letter from Teach. Guess which one I was the most excited about!

I have been so worried about her. You know when she was at university, she took an apartment about 30 miles away but she never stayed there. She just paid rent for three months and finally realized that she wasn't planning to stay there and then she moved back home.

So when the envelope came I frantically tore it open like it was Publisher's Clearinghouse (no, wait, they come to your door when you win...). Her first words were:

Dear Family,
Hello my dear people!! I hope yesterday wasn't too difficult for you. Just know that I miss you and love you.

My heart sank a little as I prepared myself for the homesickness I was sure was to follow. But then I read:

It's so wonderful here. My companion is Sis. Allen. She's 19 and from Orem, Utah. She's going to Dallas. There are 2 other sisters in my district going to Fort Worth as well. When I arrived yesterday they put me through the ringer! I met with about 8 different sisters and got my name tag. It's so lovely. When you walk around the MTC everyone says welcome in their mission language so you just say hi and smile because my mission language is English. Dad, you'll be proud. I'm writing this at 7 AM. I got up early enough so that I would have time to write.

So much for homesickness!

Mostly all I have done and will do is learn. We have 6 hours of classroom instruction then 2 hours of study time. Countless workshops and meetings and of course dinner and eating time. They gave us country-fried steak. We'll see how Texan it really is!

I'm so glad that she is doing well and it almost sounds like she is back in school. That's a good thing because she has always loved learning. I love this part:

It's amazing how much I love it here. I'm so happy that I could come to the MTC.

See?! She is doing great. It's just me who's having a hard time adjusting. This morning I drove her car to run some errands and just being in it reminded me of her and the times we ran around together shopping or going to Tupperware training meetings. It made me a little weepy. Then my sweetie and I went to Kohl's to return some pants I bought for the Dog Walker that were two short (why is it that people think when you are big you are short??). Anyway, they started playing one of her favorite songs on the overhead speakers. By the time I found my sweetie in shoes, he was convinced that some major tragedy was happening.

But life is good. Most of the time I can think of her and what she is doing and smile, especially when I read stuff like her last sentences:

The immediate love is outstanding. I was sitting in a meeting at 3 PM this afternoon and I just wanted to hug my companion. You just love everyone! I love you guys too. I miss you loads and loads. Send me some love because that's what it's all about. Love, Teach

I agree. (You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around...) That's what it's all about!

PS. Sorry. I couldn't resist throwing that in...this post was already way too serious. It must be time for ice cream and maybe some country-fried steak.

Love, Sandy


ecologisttobe said...

Glad teach is having a good time though...it sounds like a great opportunity.

Also when you are tall you must be a bigger size. Shops really need to realise people come in all different sizes!

Marci said...

So glad to hear that Teach is doing well, although I knew she would be! I hope her MTC experience is just awesome! I remember all the missionaries I wrote after my freshman year of college, and how exciting it was when the mailman would deliver a letter to me! I can only imagine how much more exciting it is when it's a family member! I was about 3 when my brother went on his mission, so I don't remember anything about it... and I was about 11 when my sister went on hers, and at that point I was wrapped up in my own little world. I do LOVE reading my nephews emails each week, missionaries are so much fun!

LeAnn said...

I can so relate n this one. I had a regular path I took to the mailbox for my missionary letters. I loved getting them and devouring every word. I remember feeling sad to not have them near or see them. However, their testimonies would show through their thoughts and I was so grateful they were committed to teaching the gospel to those that know not.
Yes, I often turned to ice cream when I felt a little down.
Loved this one!
Blessings and hugs!


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