Jan 1, 2014

4th Quarter Review

We made it! 2013 is finally over. What an eventful year it has been for us! The last 3 months of the year were no different.

In October we did all the fun family Halloween stuff. We visited the Scarecrow Festival, we participated in a costume contest and we carved pumpkins. Fajita was baptized and we had tons of football. Teach even had a scary moment in Texas when she nearly burned the house down!

In November we had a bunch of birthdays, Scout, Bossy, Taco, and Dog Walker. The Dog Walker was in the huge Century of Honor Scouting program where he sang in the choir and Sport got to shake President Monson's hand. We also attended our first hockey game and a Jazz game. And November always means the Pinewood Derby!

December brought the Nutcracker performance and the Dance Recital, Christmas parties, and our Festival of Trees tree for my Girl Scout troop.  We rode on the Polar Express Christmas Train (our gift from Drama Queen) and the Gym Rat took us all to see Frozen. And most importantly, Gamer got baptized! It was the greatest Christmas gift ever!

It's been an amazing year! We have been blessed in so many ways. I'm so excited to see what 2014 will bring! The Dog Walker is busy putting in his own mission papers. He has his final interview with the Stake President on Sunday. He will serve his mission right here in Salt Lake in the Special Needs Seminary program. He plans to serve for 1 year, but we will know for sure when his call comes back from Church headquarters.

In 2014 Teach will also come back home! We are excited to see Bossy and Gamer work to be sealed as a family in the temple. The Dog Walker will graduate from Jr. College and the Gym Rat will finish his BS in Business Management. Did I tell you the Gym Rat is buying a house? He should close in a couple of weeks. And Princess will start her senior year.

So many things coming up. I hope we can share them all with you.

Happy New Year!!


Anonymous said...

Happy and Blessed New Year to all of you and your lovely lovely family..I read your blog daily, pray for you and yours, 2014 will be even more loving and blessed by our Lord and Savior..You are a beacon to all families how to be a wonderful wife and mother and a husband and daddy too..Your faith is strong and it shows in all of your loving acts of sacrifice both you and your hubs too...If only others could live like you both do, families would be only the better for it, especially young and growing children..They will do well in our world, loving of the Lord and disciplined, kind and sweet..oh, how my heart aches for the many kids with no mother and father like you both are, but you are a beacon and others can learn from your wonderful example, Praise God for you and yours, happy new year to you and your familia, ciao love mjs&es from the west coast with great hopes others will find your blog and live like you all do!XXXX()()()()

Marci said...

Wow! 2014 sounds like it will be great! Can't wait for bossy and gamer's sealing, that will be a wonderful day for you all and especially them!!

LeAnn said...

Happy New Year to all of you. I did enjoy following all of your wonderful family adventures. You are an amazing family. I will look forward to more fun times following your posts in 2014.
Blessings and hugs for all!

Emmy said...

You will have a big year coming up! So busy at the end of the month too. You are a super mom to be able to keep up with everything.
So glad you recapped with us