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Nov 27, 2013

Another Pinewood Derby

Some days it seems like my entire life is wrapped up in Scout stuff. After the Dog Walker finished his huge goal to earn all the Merit Badges, I thought I would get a break until Sport got old enough to be a scout. Then my sweetie was called as the Cubmaster.

Crafty's Sleigh Car (it was really slow, but sooo cute!)
It's a fun job that he mostly enjoys, and usually it's not that bad. We plan and prepare for Pack Meeting once a month. OK, usually I do most of the planning and preparing and then he steps in and looks amazing! Except for this month.

It took both of us tons of hours to prepare for yet another Pinewood Derby. I embroidered a dozen hats again and my sweetie helped all the little kids from Crafty and down to build new cars. I also did fliers and reminders and certificates...

Anyway, all of our hard work paid off last night. My sweetie runs 3 divisions of races, Cubs, Open Class, and Anything Goes. We had lots of Cub entries, but only a few for the other two classes, most of them being my kids.

He ran all the Cub races first, and sadly, Sport's car was eliminated after a couple of heats. Then it was time for the Open Class. Crafty, Scout, Curly, and Baby Doll all had cars running in that class. I tried to watch the races, keep little kids from touching the cars, and arrange for an independent judge all at the same time. Sadly, I missed most of the competition, but I did keep all the cars safe, so that's good.

As it turned out, Curly's car was the fastest one on the track! My sweetie always runs one last race with the winners from all 3 divisions and guess what?! His was STILL the fastest car on the track! He was so excited. Baby Doll took third and also got an awesome hat. Our independent judges chose Sport for best design, so he got a hat, and Crafty won best design in the Open Class.

While everyone else was celebrating, Scout was quietly brooding over the fact that she was the only one in the family who didn't get a hat. We took pics of the winners and were starting to clean up when my sweetie realized that he had not given away the last hat that was the special Cubmaster's Award. He was very pleased to present it to Scout, for all her hard work and dedication.

She was thrilled beyond belief!

It was another great day at the races and I am so happy to be putting away the track until next year.

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