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Nov 19, 2013

Zupas at the District

We have been watching the new Zupas going up in the District for several months now. It's very convenient for us; only a few minutes away until I can get some of that delicious Wisconsin Cauliflower soup that I never want to share...

And all right, I confess, I was hoping to get an invitation to their VIP Grand Opening event! I wasn't disappointed. It arrived in my email box last week. It only took me about 30 seconds to respond with a resounding "YES!"

So tonight was the big night. The party started at 6:00, but I wanted to be one of the first ones there. We had tickets for the Jazz game so we needed to head downtown at about 6:30. When we pulled into the parking lot at 5:44, there were several people sitting in their cars, but none of them had made the long trip to the locked door.

We knew it was locked because a worker had just tried to get in and was denied. That didn't bother me any. We climbed from the car and headed straight for the door. In fact, I was the first one in line! We also studied their awesome menu that was on the outside wall under glass. It was much easier to make my decisions there than when someone is smiling at me expectantly.

They finally opened the door and let us in. We ordered quickly and had our choice of seats. We chose one where we thought we might be able to make a smooth getaway and sat down. Each of us carried a tray piled high with delicious food, including my personal favorite dessert, Million Dollar Bars.

My sweetie ordered the MangoBerry Salad and the Thai Peanut sandwich. I got the Summer Chicken Salad and the Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup, of course.

My salad was amazing! My sweetie enjoyed his too. He did comment that his sandwich had some kick to it, but I noticed that he quickly ate the entire thing! I saved a little of my soup to enjoy after the basketball game.

I would have preferred to sit for an hour and enjoy the prize giveaways and the company, but I think they were happy to have us leave. It appeared that they had more guests than they had seats.

It was a little different from the other grand opening we attended in that they only allowed us to sample two items on the menu rather than a soup, salad, and a sandwich. Not that I am complaining! I was plenty full with what I had and Princess was even able to share the last half of my Million Dollar Bar with her entire dance team! (Now they all think I'm the coolest mom ever...)

Seriously though, if you are anywhere near the District, stop by and try out Zupas. Every meal comes with one of these delicious chocolate covered strawberries. I wonder if the dance team could figure out how to split one of these...

***My sweetie and I were given free meals in exchange for this blog post. The opinions are entirely my own.***


Marci said...

Yum. I miss zupas! All the food you got looks so dang tasty!

Anonymous said...

In Bellevue Square washington they used to have a really neat place called Zoopa's it was really good, prime rib carving stations, fish stations with crab & lobster, deli station with many salads and deli items. One price for adults and another for kids I believe little ones were free..It is gone now..In the area I live in Washington state it is Sweet Tomatoes, which owned Zoopa's for only $6.99 for senior citizens one can eat to one's hearts content and beverages are included...The Zoopa's in Bellevue Square is long gone, it was something else it was talked about by all the students our daughter knew from college, we finally drove up there on the way to see our daughter we were so happily surprised, it is long gone now but many places in the Seattle Bellevue area offer buffets that are out of this world and reasonably priced for the area..ciao

Marci said...

That Zoopa's in Bell Square was FANTASTIC! I haven't thought of it in years! It's pretty different from this Zupas in Utah, but both are super delicious!! Thanks for that fun memory!

LeAnn said...

I just noticed that the Zupas restaurant was open. I love that one. How fun to enjoy the opening.
We must live fairly close.


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