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Nov 13, 2013

Guest Blogger: School House Rock By Dog Walker

I know that I have guest-blogged about the Century of Honor already, but Mom asked me to guest-blog for her because she had planned to get up in the early morning to head over to Millcreek for another Tupperware party.

I thought it would be a very fun post for all of you to enjoy. Have any of you ever seen School House Rock? If you have, then you absolutely know what that's about. If you haven't, then I can tell you about it.

Schoolhouse Rock is a sing-along edition of education. You can learn a lot of things from education by hearing all of these songs or trying to sing along to them if you know how they go. I have a bunch of favorite Schoolhouse rock songs that I love to listen to and it helps me to learn about how they are educational and how they can help us learn and understand what we learn in school.

Here are all the videos that you may find very interesting. You can learn by enjoying the songs and learning very easily what they are all trying to teach you about. I hope that you enjoy them. Right now I got to go to bed and learn a little more. I'll see you soon.


mommeeof10 said...

Those bring back memories. Thanks, Dog Walker!

Your mom still sells tupperware?

Marci said...

Wow! I haven't thought about School House Rock in forever! This was such a fun post!!!


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