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Nov 26, 2013

Letters from Texas

Teach - Thanksgiving 2008
I was so excited to get a few minutes to e-chat with Teach this morning! I'm finding this holiday week without her to be surprisingly difficult. I'm thinking she must be missing us too because she told me this story.

Do you remember a long time ago when I was really little and there was a night where I wouldn't go to sleep because I was afraid my entire family was someday going to die and I would be left all alone? 

I was probably in maybe 4th grade and you came in and you reminded me of the doctrine of forever families. If my memory serves me correctly you and dad both came in and gave me a hug. Families can be together forever was sung and I think we found a CD with it and played it while I fell asleep. 

Thank you for that. Thank you for teaching me the doctrine. (: I shared this story in Gospel Principles yesterday and I realized you probably didn't even know I remembered it. (: 

I guess it's perfectly normal to wish for hearth and home when the holidays roll around no matter how much you love and are dedicated to what you are doing.

We went to dinner with our relief society president on Friday and her family was just starting to pile in from out of town. They had a puzzle set up, they were watching football (actually they were live streaming the Bingham vs. Brighton game! (: woot! ) and the house was warm. I was overcome with a desire to be home with y'all sharing in the warmth of the holidays. But... alas. I'm supposed to be here. And I'll be home next year.

I want to share part of her gratitude list, one of our Thanksgiving traditions.

What a wonderful time to be grateful! (: Thanksgiving is one of those amazing holidays that often gets passed up in decorations and overlooked by shopping and materialistic items. 

But the message of gratitude is outstanding. (: Here is my annual Thanksgiving gratitude list. (of course I'm grateful for these ALL year... but ... ya know (: ) 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Ghost
My family
Yo tengo uno perro. (Franco)
Being a missionary
Goals (setting and reaching them)
warm coats
church buildings
time to share the gospel
tools that we have to make life easier (aka indoor plumbing, lights, electronics, my planner, etc)
Family history

Teach - Thanksgiving 2007
my journals (I don't even know how many I have at this point)
the scriptures
email and the internet
my brain
my talents and skills
my developing talents and skills
my future husband (: 
the hope and faith which is within me
my companions 
my friends
The schooling and education I've received
The opportunities that I have had 
People that have changed my life
Those I have met on my mission
Joy that comes from repentance (and witnessing repentance) 
photographs and art work
MUSIC. (oh how I miss my tunes)
an understanding of the Plan of Salvation
The past
The present
The future
My mission president
My mission leaders
A knowledge of the trust that God has in me
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Thomas S. Monson
Teach - Thanksgiving 2010
Joseph Smith
my warm boots
heaters and air conditioners
my bike
my car
my future children (: 
People. Wonderful people. 
The badge I wear. 

There are so many other things. (: This list is in no order of significance per say... that's just a direct correlation of how my brain can jump topics sometimes. (: 

I love y'all. (: I miss you. (: Have a great holiday! 


Anonymous said...

To read your blog and the many blessings and thankfulness of your daughter on her mission is a big bright spot to me each time I read your blog..Wow Whee she is certainly doing God's work on her mission, finding herself in this world and preparing herself for her future here in earth..Oh, why can't more people be like you and your husband and have children like your daughter on her mission and doing God's work, the jails would be empty, children and young adults happy and homes led from a place of God rather than the materialistic homes and many involved with alcohol, drugs and have no family whatsoever, but they do if they would follow the teachings of your faith..No wonder it is the fastest growing religion in all of the WORLD. God's Blessings to your sweet daughter and you and your hubby too..She will be home soon changed only for the better and happier too! May your holidays be filled with many moments of God's blessings and take care, ciao XXX()()()()XXXX()()()!!!!!!

Marci said...

Happy thanksgiving to y'all! Hope that Sister Teach is doing okay with the crazy weather they've been getting over in that part of Texas lately!

I love her list of things she is grateful for! It inspired me to use nap time this afternoon to work on my own little list!


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