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Nov 9, 2013

Hockey, Anyone?

Remember way back in the summer when the kids did the library reading program? Well, when they were finished they were awarded some awesome prizes! One of them happened to be a voucher for a free ticket to the Grizzlies game. The Grizzlies are our semi-pro hockey league here in Utah, but I have never been one to follow the sport. In fact, I had never seen a hockey game in my life!

We only had 8 tickets, so I planned to stay home with Baby Doll. But then Princess had a date, so she couldn't go. As I was rifling through my coupon envelope looking for some free ice cream coupons for Princess, I discovered 3 more free ticket vouchers for the game. That's when I called Bossy. I figured she would be up for a fun and new adventure. She happened to come up with 4 more vouchers and suddenly we had free tickets for everyone!

We arrived and found our seats just before they dropped the puck. Bossy's family was stuck in the ticket line with issues, but they finally got seated after the first period had already started. My tickets had been in will-call for a month, so they ended up in the adjacent section. We were on the 8th row, right near the ice. Not bad for free tickets! (I looked them up just for fun on the internet before we left and they are normally $34.50 each!)

Burrito's Chicken Dance
My kids were stunned the first time two of the players pulled off their gloves and started duking it out right in the center of the ring. The other people in the crowd were screaming and clapping and going crazy! I wasn't sure this was really a lesson I wanted to teach my kids. Grown men fighting and then getting put in timeout.

By the 3rd period they were no longer surprised by the antics of the players. Scout was totally out and sleeping in her chair. Curly had finally settled down (after we thought to have the Dog Walker take him to the bathroom!). Even Baby Doll was sitting mostly quietly in my lap. It appears that hockey is not really our sport.

When the game was over, the Grizzlies lost 2 - 1. The kids were disappointed, of course, almost like they were life-long fans. As we passed each row on our way out of the arena, I asked Bossy what they thought and you know what?! They were real fans! They can hardly wait to go back again!
Will work for Cotton Candy...

Next time they might even have to pay...

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