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Nov 10, 2013

Super Saturday

Today was a super fun Saturday. I'm sure my sweetie would argue with me because he spent a good part of the day working on getting the yard ready for winter, but he did play with us a little. We started the day with a Lowe's class. The kids made cute pullback Lowe's race cars. Then we headed for the library.

I know, I've been talking a lot about our library lately, but they have someone knew doing the programming and they are doing an awesome job! Today they were making snowmen. We were late because of the Lowe's class, but they were still working on them when we got there so we quickly joined in. The kids loved making these cute paper snowmen that covered a Hershey's chocolate bar or a package of gum. Can you believe this program was free of charge? Even the candy bars?

We spent 45 minutes there until we had to run out the door to get Sport to Nutcracker rehearsal. After we dropped him off, I got the call that my serger was fixed! I was so excited about that! I've been waiting for it for about a month now. It actually had to be shipped back to BabyLock for major repairs to the threading system. I have to make Princess a jacket to go over her formal for the dance next weekend and I was not looking forward to doing that without the serger, so I drove over to the shop to grab it.

I got back just in time to pick up Sport. Back at the house we put the finishing touches on our gift for Teach's best friend. She is getting married and her bridal shower was today. Princess got up early this morning to make lemon bars to help with her treats. By the way, Princess got a job as a Jr. Jazz official and she spent the morning in training. It will be so fun for her to have some money of her own!

I took Crafty, Scout, and Baby Doll with me to the shower. Thank goodness it was an Open House, because we could only stay for half an hour before it was time to run Crafty and Scout to their Nutcracker rehearsal. (It will be nice when that performance is over and I can have a Saturday again...)

Football Banquet
Finally landing back home again, I got through more homework with the Dog Walker. He had an economics test to do and some other random things. I wrote our family program for the Our Home Sacrament Meeting tomorrow and practiced the piano since I'm in charge of the music. Most of the kids are speaking or doing a prayer, so it truly is a family thing.

Alex's Shower
At 6:30, Sport, my sweetie and I headed for the football banquet at All Star Lanes. It used to be Planet Play, so there were really no bowling lanes yet. The food was mediocre, but Sport loved playing the video games and racing with his friends! I think he thanked us about 25 times so that made up for the bad food.

We got home after 10:00, then it was scriptures with the kids and more homework with the Dog Walker. I prepared my lesson for Nursery tomorrow and now I'm writing a post for you. Don't you agree that (minus the homework) we had an incredibly fun and full Saturday?!

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