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Nov 5, 2013

Election Day

We don't have many races in our district today. In fact, I'm guessing lots of people will decide to stay home and not worry about it. For me I have to bundle up my little one and myself since we actually have snow on the ground and make our way to the middle school where yes, school is in session. Yeah, it's definitely a hassle.

Just so I can mark two little circles on an electronic ballot. It will probably take me all of two minutes. But at my house, we take the elections very seriously. Last night we studied the issues and candidates with the kids and they helped us make our decisions. Our school district is voting on a large bond that would actually cost our family about $350/year in additional taxes. Since I have budding teachers here, that debate got a bit heated.

We also have the opportunity to choose a new mayor. My kids have had some experience with our current mayor through pinewood derby and youth city council. They had a hard time understanding why anyone would badmouth such an awesome guy.

Elections are an interesting thing. We actually have the opportunity to add our voices to the voices of others to either make a change or keep to the current course. In most cases it probably doesn't matter that much if we choose one city council member over another, but the message to our children should always be the same. We are citizens of this great country and as such, we need to appreciate the sacrifice made by our forefathers so that we can choose. Please take the time to vote today.

It's our privilege and our responsibility.


Natalie Ockey said...

Thanks for the promotion! I think you've persuaded me!


LeAnn said...

What an awesome example you are to your children. I love that you discuss the issues with your family before you vote.


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