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Nov 12, 2013

Letters from Teach in Texas

Teach & Baby Doll, September 2011
I just couldn't wait to share this story from Teach! I, too, believe that everything happens for a reason.

We had a wedding!!!! (: It was really fantastic. It was such a huge success and the ward was such amazing support. There was tons of food, decorations, tons of amazing ness. We hung lights down and around so that it "dropped the ceiling" so that you couldn't even tell that it was in a gym! Want to hear the craziest thing. So we were talking to Selena on the phone and we were discussing if she wanted music especially as she walked down the aisle and she mentioned the song that Bella walks down the aisle to in Twilight. It's called A Thousand Years but it's the one without words. and she was saying she could probably get it on YouTube (but you know how YouTube is) all of a sudden Sister Rhoades and I were both like... wait. What song is it? It's the song by the Piano Guys and I TOTALLY have it on my Ipod! I even remember when I downloaded it because I was kinda like... eh... I'm not sure if this is totes appropriate and I don't even really like this song that much... but we'll put it on here. LOOK AT THAT!!! She was able to have her song because the Spirit prompted me 8 months ago to put it on my Ipod. (: The Lord works in super mysterious ways sometimes. (: 

These awesome newlyweds were baptized on Sunday, but not without a little drama.

But they did the baptism interview right after the wedding because they were scheduled to get baptized the next day. Turns out this is not the worlds best idea because if during this interview you find out there are serious past sins that need the Mission President's approval before baptism... it throws a wrench in your plan. and it makes for a pretty sad wedding night. :( but lesson learned. We started our fast with all 6 of us missionaries and prayed that all would work out with the second interview. We had planned so that they would be baptized right after break-the-fast so that we could have a lot of the ward there. But then... we didn't even know if they COULD be baptized and we didn't want to embarrass them and it was just this big kerfuffle. Well... we fasted and prayed oft. and I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting about the redeeming power of the Atonement. Sister Rhoades bore her testimony about repentance. and yet we were all on fishhooks. During Sunday School they were interviewed. as we walked past on our way to Relief Society we got word that they were clear to be baptized. (: (: (: so much rejoicing. (: I love those two soooo much. (: (: 

I literally gave her the shirt off my back. She forgot to bring an extra bra so it was kinda necessary, but still. I would give it to her anyway. (: 

That's my girl!

PS Who uses the word "kerfuffle" in a real sentence besides Teach?


LeAnn said...

What a very fun missionary post. I loved it. I do believe in miracles and there were some in this one.

Natalie Ockey said...

I love hearing about all her adventures.

Denise said...

bless your family.


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