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Nov 6, 2013

News from Teach in Texas

I told you all about our Halloween celebrations here, but I was curious as to what things a missionary might do. When I asked Teach, she told me they actually had almost as much fun as we did!

We actually had a really cool Halloween. President wanted us to be inside by 6:00 unless we had special permission to be out. We got permission to go to our ward trunk-or treat because Selena and Emilio were going. (They are getting married this Saturday and baptized on Sunday!!!) They dressed their twin boys up as missionaries. ( (: It was the cutest thing in the whole wide world. 

We also were able to go visit a part member family because they invited us to their Halloween party. Sister E. dropped us off at the house and it was like ... total haunted house. This man in a creepy serial killer mask comes up to the van door and just stares at us. I'm creeped out but I hopped out of the van anyway and start to walk to the house. Sister Rhoades is behind me and the man follows us. The elders yelled from the van, "Text us when/if you get inside!" They were pretty stinkin' nervous about dropping us off there! But by the time we made it past all of the creepy things and up to the door we found Yuliana (not a member) and she was so excited that we had come. (: She's so cool. Her husband was in the depths of the haunted garage and they told us if we wanted to see him we'd have to go in. Jokingly. When we refused, Scott (the member) came out in this creepy zombie outfit and talked to us. (: It was awesome. Yuliana took us inside and gave us chili and finger foods and then she sat and talked with us for a long time. (: It was such a good experience. 


Of course I was worried about the sister who burned her hand last week (and I wanted to keep her emailing as long as possible), so I sent her one last email...

When we called her last week she says it's doing better. We'll call them again tonight and double check. ... We are still Sister Trainer Leaders for this transfer so we get to go on lots of exchanges again. (: I love it. alright. this time I've really gotta go. literally. I gotta go potty. (: 

Some things never change. 



LeAnn said...

Oh this was a delightful missionary post from your daughter. I loved it!
Blessings and hugs!

Anonymous said...

WHAT AN ANGEL..happy thanksgiving day, the start of Hanukkah too, 2 holidays in one..She will be returning so soon you won't remember when she was not with her Momma and Daddy..What an angel always great to hear from her, she will be blessed forever and changed and only for the good of the Lord, God's blessings to teach and to you and your sweet sweet family, happy holidays! ciaoX()


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