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Nov 23, 2013

Scout's Birthday Party

Forgot the good camera...again!
Scout had her friend birthday party today. I have done more than a hundred birthday parties over the years and I have never had one where every single person we invited actually attended! Today was a first.

I got this certificate for a free birthday party at the Black Diamond Gym for 10 participants at a fundraiser for a cancer patient and his family. But since I'm such a cheapskate, I decided I couldn't possibly waste any of those 10 spots. That meant I needed to over-invite. I chose the random number of 13, thinking that would be perfect. I just assumed that since the party was 3 or 4 miles away in Daybreak that we would have some parents who just couldn't be bothered.

I was wrong.

Everyone showed up and by the time we added in my two little ones (Scout had kept the final invitation for herself since we needed the waiver attached to it), we were at 15. First just let me say that I believe little brothers and sisters should be free. They didn't force any extra work on the part of the hostess. I brought the cupcakes, so there was no additional expense there. They just sort of followed the girls around and I had to pay TWELVE BUCKS EACH for them!!

But it turned out fine. Scout was very happy to have all of her friends there and I didn't have to clean up either before or after the party. I made the cupcakes, but Princess made the frosting and did the decorating, so actually, it was an amazingly fun and
easy party.

Other than  that check I had to write for another $60...


Anonymous said...

How did you end up with a $60.00 bill it must have been the money you paid for the party for the cancer patient and the $12.00 for the extra children even if they are her own siblings, really that is not much, here in Washington state you have to overbook to get the good deals at places, then if the little ones don't show you don't get charged for the extras you originally invited of course $60.00 is low here, more like near $100.00 for about 10 kids of course that is pizza, salads, a made cake ice cream, party favors and for the birthday gal or guy a nice gift from the company..so you really did get off very reasonably....just saying!

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot beverages and games to play in the place to while the way to the cake cutting with ice cream..Everything is taken care of the people who put it on are lovely owners and their adult children do the whole party and many college students who need the money for their education..just saying, be grateful you could do this party for your daughter!

Marci said...

Sounds like fun, minus the $60! Is it bad that I sort of dread birthday parties because of how much they can cost??


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