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Nov 3, 2013

Guest Blogger: A Century of Honor by the Dog Walker

That little blond Webelos scout right in the middle and standing in front of President Monson is Sport!
Mormon Tabernacle Choir
I was just excited to try to tell all of you online about the exciting scouting event that I have been in. It was the Boy Scout event that I was in the choir and that it was celebrating the 100th anniversary of Boy Scouts of America and the LDS church. It all took place at the Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City.

It was amazing how the event was going, especially when they are trying to teach other scouts in the audience the history about the first Boy Scouts of America boys that happened all around the United States. The setting was made exactly like in the conference center where General Conference always happens in October and April. They sometimes change the settings of the stage to make it look kind of like it was a lot different than it used to be before.

Right on this show, they talk about how the history of scouting began and why every boy was starting to do a good turn daily as their duty. Since I was the autistic one that earned all the merit badges, I was accepted to be in the choir. It was pretty cool of the actual event, despite all the long practices that I had to be at in order to know what I should do.

Anyway, on October 29th, it was the actual event and I was ready to be in it. Some of my family got to see the event.
It was supposed to talk about how scouting was the way to help the LDS church to teach boys how to do good turns and show some support to others daily at all times. Some of those times, all of us in the Eagle Scout Choir got to sing and we always had to sing about Boy Scouts. I just wish that someday, they will make this whole event into a CD so that it can be played in everyone's homes either on their stereos, CD players, iPods or whatever they have that can play the songs from it. I'm pretty sure that you all will love the songs that we have sung at the event.
Right at the end of the event, everybody really enjoyed it and right when the audience was about to leave, Mom told me that my brother Sport, dressed in his uniform got to shake President Monson's hand before he went to catch up with the rest of the family while they were waiting for me outside before the traffic became more severe.They had a professional photographer take all these pictures and then they shared them with everyone for free! In that picture of the choir I am on the very back row on the right-hand side, the tall one.

Eagle Scout Choir
After our choir finished all their songs we left and they brought in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to sing a few songs. At the very end they had everyone come back on the stage together. It was so cool! There were about 1000 of us standing there waving to our families.

They say that the show was supoosed to be broadcast live around the world on www.lds.org. To make this easier, I linked this video from LDS.org to show you the event if you want to watch it and know of how it's an awesome event that you'll ever see in your lives. I hope that you enjoy the show and I hope you thought it was awesome too.


Marci said...

What a wonderful experience! I'll have to wait for Emma to take a nap, and then I want to watch the performance! And how lucky was Sport, getting to shake President Monson's hand! I bet he won't forget that moment, and I bet Dog Walker won't forget being in the choir! What a special day!

LeAnn said...

I love that Dog Walker had this moment. I am sure it was so awesome to be part of the choir for this wonderful occasion.
Blessings to all!


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