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Nov 1, 2013

Our Halloween Fun

Bad cell pics - they walk fast!
Have you been waiting for me all day? My life has been so crazy today...as usual.

But I really want to tell you about all of our fun Halloween activities yesterday. We started early with the kids' parade at the elementary school. Since Curly is in afternoon kindergarten, he and Baby Doll were with us. We made our way to the gym with the rest of the parents and found seats. After about half an hour, every kid in the school paraded through. When Curly's teacher came by with her morning class, she invited him to join them, so he got to be part of things.

After the parade I went back to Scout's class to help with their party. My job was to help the kids with a craft so we made up little necklace kits I bought from the Oriental Trading Co. It was fun hanging out with her for an hour.

After school we gathered the kids and headed for the library. The teenagers had completed Bingo cards that earned them candy and a free book but they had to be turned in by the end of the month. They also had trick-or-treating (We LOVE our library!). After gathering our loot, we drove the short distance to Harmon's grocery store. The kids trick-or-treated at every area of the store. They even got a tiny piece of pumpkin pie! And guess what?! Sport won THEIR coloring contest!

Then it was back to the house to quickly clean up and get ready to hit the neighborhoods. Bossy and the Dog Walker took all the kids out while my sweetie and I stayed home to hand out treats. Well, actually, he was making little pumpkin-shaped pizzas for the kids and I was handing out treats. Grandpa showed up and left the kids a huge pile of Tootsie Rolls. We fed him pizza and he took off to visit with his other grandkids.

After they finished our street, we drove them to the other section of our ward to collect a little more candy. At 8:30 we drove down to Bossy's house. She was still out and about so we joined her for the last few houses. The kids were so excited to get full-sized candy bars from one of her neighbors!

We got back to the house just after 9:00 and tried to settle the kids for bed, but too much sugar had them so hyper it was difficult. We gave them their large candy bars and toothbrushes and toys and let them choose 10 other pieces of candy and we put the rest away. I gave them each 10 more today, and we still have a huge stockpot full of candy. We should have enough for FHE treats for the next six months!

How was your Halloween?


Marci said...

My halloween was as perfect as I could've asked for. I've never been a big fan of Halloween (I'm not really into spiders/cobwebs/scary/spooky stuff, and I'd rather get the "good" candy throughout the year than consume huge amounts of "okay" candy.)

Nobody in our family had a costume this year. We didn't buy any halloween candy. Emma did have a little Halloween outfit that she wore during part of the day, and then candy corn pajamas that she wore that night, both of which were sent to her by her grandmas. After she went to bed Chris and I turned out the lights and avoided trick-or-treaters as we watched old episodes of The Amazing Race!

We skipped out on our ward Trunk or Treat earlier in the week because Chris couldn't eat the dinner that they were providing, and the dinner started at 6:30 and trunk-or-treat at 7, and that particular night Emma was in bed asleep at 6:45.

All that said... I understand that now that we have a kid, we'll have to start celebrating Halloween a little more. Next year when she can actually walk and isn't in an infant carseat Emma will have a halloween costume, although I can't guarantee that Chris & I will dress up. We'll even take or trick-or-treating, or at least to the trunk-or-treat.

I do LOVE to see the cute costumes that people come up with. Maybe that's part of my problem too... I'm not creative, and have a hard time spending money on "non-essentials" right now.

Shana M said...

That all sounds like so much fun!!

Natalie Ockey said...

Love the last picture. Suggestion for caption: "Candy Induced-Coma"



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