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Nov 4, 2013

Sugar Overload

I am definitely in sugar overload! This happens to me every year and even if I can manage to stay out of the Halloween candy (and that's a big if!) I always have two birthdays during the same week. Bossy was born on November 1 and the Dog Walker was born on November 4. Needless to say, we spent the weekend partying!

Bossy wanted to have the entire family out to Applebee's on Friday night for half-price appetizers. Gamer works there part time, so it is one of their favorite places. Since the Gym Rat doesn't get off work until 11:00, we all agreed to leave our homes at 10:00 pm and meet up in the parking lot.

We arrived first and reported to the host that we needed seats for 18. They were a bit surprised, but immediately set about putting up tables for us. By the time Bossy's family arrived, we were ready to be seated. We ordered tons of 1/2 priced food, but talking and laughing were way more fun than the eating.

By the time the Gym Rat arrived we were all stuffed and Bossy had received and shared her free dessert. It was tons of fun mostly because eating out like that together is something we hardly ever do. We had cake and ice cream for her on Saturday after both Taco's and Sport's football teams lost during their playoff games. That means football is over for us. I'm a little sad about that, but kind of happy we don't have to deal with the conflicts anymore. Football trumps pretty much anything and Sport has missed many rehearsals for the Nutcracker. He also has to miss scouts every week and even though we have been working hard to keep him caught up, I'm glad he will be able to complete his requirements with the other boys.

Back to this sugar thing... Drama Queen bought two dozen donuts to share at the football game. We had all of Bossy's cake and ice cream. There was Halloween candy, and Princess made cracker cookies out of the leftover frosting. Then we had the Dog Walker's cake and more ice cream tonight. To top it all off, Fajita brought over some delicious chocolate chip cookies she made.

I'm going to have to double my trips to Curves this week! (I wonder if there are any of those cookies left...)


Marci said...

Happy birthday to Bossy and Dog Walker! I forgot he and I had the same birthday! Sounds like you guys have had lots of celebrating! I think that table at Applebee's sounds like it would've been really fun, your family is great!

Please be sure to wish Dog Walker a happy birthday from me!!

Cindy said...

Wow what a week! Thank goodness it only comes around once a year, right?

Herchel S said...

It wasn't your fault. You can't not participate in birthday fun :) Now I want to go to Krispy Kreme but it's not anybody's birthday around here.

mj said...

Oh I miss half price appetizer night - I used to do that all the time, but I tend to turn into a pumpkin around dark these days... By the way, all that sugary goodness sounds TOTALLY justified ;)

Stacey said...

It sounds like a lovely evening! My boys lost in the playoffs too and I'm happy/sad, just like you. I haven't missed running them to practice this week, that's for sure!

Heather said...

Oh that reminds me we still have leftover cupcakes from our birthday weekend! It all sounded great - like busy, delicious, wonderful fun.

LeAnn said...

I put on pounds just reading this one.

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had fun celebrating!


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