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Nov 21, 2013

Reindeer Dance

You know that most of my kids love to dance, but did I tell you that Baby Doll and Curly are in two of the same classes? They take a tap class together on Tuesday mornings, and then they take Creative Ballet on Wednesdays. That wasn't the original plan.

Curly has his own ballet class too, but he just happened to be with me the day we took Baby Doll to dance for the first time and the teacher was the same one he had last year. So naturally he had to say hello. Then she invited him to stay with Baby Doll in case she got scared or upset...

After this happened for several weeks I told her that Curly was fine in the class, but he wasn't going to dance in the recital because I didn't want to pay for another costume. She was devastated!

So what could I do?

He is now a permanent part of that little class as well as his own class. And when I saw them do the reindeer dance today, I sure was glad!

Only 3 weeks until the recital, I can hardly wait!


LeAnn said...

Oh that picture is way cute; I know you will enjoy the moments on this one.

Marci said...

Oh my! Please record the recital and post a little clip of it? That would be so fun to watch!


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