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Jan 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

We had a fun New Year's Eve party at our house this year. It's been our tradition to have Bossy and Gamer's family spend the night with us so people can stay up all hours of the night playing games and celebrating. This year was no different.

They showed up about 7:30 and by then the party was well underway. The kids munched nachos and chips and salsa. My sweetie mixed up a batch of rolls and we cooked a turkey Bossy was given as a Christmas gift that was finally thawed.

The kids watched movies and played games. Princess, Prima Donna, and Fajita headed out for the stake dance and the Dog Walker left for the Institute dance. Princess and Prima Donna evenutally came back home around 11:30 so they could spend the final moments of the year with the family.

We turned on the TV so we could watch the ball drop at Times Square but we were appalled at the showing of the Miley Cyrus video that we had all heard about but carefully avoided. We quickly turned off the TV and even though my little ones were disappointed to miss the ball, we were not about to subject them to that sort of trash. I can't believe the network allowed Dick Clark's family-friendly show to be ruined like that!! Next year we won't even turn it on...

My sweetie bought some fireworks and at 11:55 we donned coats and boots and headed for the front porch. It wasn't nearly as cold as it has been on some nights. We did our own countdown and passed out the pop-its and whistles. The kids made plenty of noise and my sweetie set off his two aerial fireworks. Each one sent up half a dozen different lights, so they were awesome! As the grand finale we set off one floating lantern. With the snow cover and the cold we figured it would be safe. In the breeze it rose quickly and was soon out of sight.

After cleaning up all of our celebrations from the porch and snowy lawn, we traipsed back into the house. Princess began setting up her chocolate fountain. She had been planning this for weeks as part of her (and Prima Donna's) STAR Event for their FHS class. It's actually a really cool project where they encouraged all the kids to eat more vegetables and then more fruit. They have even set up a blog to share their information called Healthy Kids. Check it out and let them know what you think.

Kissing in the New Year (sorry about the bad cell pics)
It was after 3:00 AM when I finally climbed into bed and the party was still in full swing with some of the other adults, although you know a party at my house means Dr. Pepper and root beer during a rousing game of UNO Spin!

As usual, Baby New Year dropped by and left a small gift in the toe of each person's shoe. The girls got little princess clips and the boys got cars. We were also treated to Pop-Tarts, something we rarely have around here so the kids were very excited!

New Year's Day was even better, but I'll save that post for tomorrow.

How was your celebration?


Anonymous said...

I have wondered where Miley Cyrus' parents are? right with her making tons of money, how dreadful..People worship it they have it sooooo wrong, you need money for bills, food, heat, lighting, rent, tithing to the poor and for the poor and one's own religion but making a fool of one's self is another thing, she is only 21 I am sure you have children that age or near it..Why are her parents lost in their relationship with their daughter, she is still young. God could turn her around I pray for her daily, she is truly lost..She is using her body for money it says in the old testatmeent and your book of Mormon not to do that oh, my goodness does she need parents like you are to your children, real parents, not people hanging on for the almight buck..she sends kids back who are big trouble in our juvenile jails, they see her & listen to her & tell me she is wonderful I am the other sign of the coin, I bring them neat books to read, I listen to their heartbreak, pray with them & help them..That is no way to live Miley...Keep up your wonderful marriage and parenting, you are beacon of God's love and light to all people who are lost and I mean lost..we did not watch any of that drivel on the tv. we had my hubs and I a nice meal, music we enjoy and to beddie by early we don't do much. no drinking, and partying, we are just ourselves..we know the New Year will bring you even more time to enjoy your family and the love of the Lord, happy happy New Year..ciao & loveX()X():):):)

lovemybabies74 said...

This is the reason why I got rid of cable. My children watch Dvds that we approve of. It is so hard to raise children, especisly with immoral outside influences

LeAnn said...

Oh your celebration sounded like a fun one. I am sad you couldn't watch the ball drop. I think TV is just getting worse all the time. You can't trust what is going to come on next on just the regular channels.
We went to a evening movie and then had a quiet New Years with just the too of us. We watched a couple of movies and had some goodies. For us this was enough excitement. Yup, we are getting old.


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