Jan 25, 2014

Much Excitement!

Franco gets a new yard to play in!
A few very exciting things happened around here today. Princess tried her hand at her very first carrot cake! She put so many nuts in it (my personal favorite part!) that she couldn't get all the batter in the cake pans.

That turned out well because then she was able to make up a dozen or so cupcakes. They were SOO good! Seriously, I think I ate 5 over the course of the day...ok, maybe it was only 4.
But honestly, I didn't feel that bad about it because if you are counting, the cake was made for me. Today (now that it's after midnight) is my 49th birthday.

Funny, most days I don't feel that old. Unless I'm helping out at the elementary school. I used to be one of the young moms, but now it's not surprising to hear someone refer to me as a grandma. In fact, last time I was working in Curly's kindergarten classroom one of the little boys looked at me and exclaimed, "Hey! You look just like my grandma!" :(

The proud homeowner.
The other exciting thing that happened today which way tops my birthday, was that the Gym Rat closed on his very first home! We are so excited for him! It's not a huge house, but it is just right for him to be able to afford the payment on his own if need be and comfortably with a roommate. It's close to the bank where he works as a Sr. Lender and it has a big back yard for Franco to chase around.

He's still going to have to buy a fridge and he'll need a washer and dryer, but all the other appliances are new and the house has been "flipped" or completely remodeled. When he gets all moved in I will show you more pics, but right now he is waiting rather impatiently until Monday to get the keys.

Happy Birthday to me! I'll put up some pics of our party tomorrow. Right now I have the whole day to look forward to. And a whole huge carrot cake with MY NAME on it!!


Marci said...

Happy birthday, Sandy!! What exciting things! Maybe I'll have to make a cake to celebrate your birthday!!

Mom of 12 said...

Hey, any excuse to make and eat cake!

Anonymous said...

Happy 49th Birthday, I have seen your photos on your blog, Sandy is your name and you look marvelous for your age which in my opinion is young..You are a wonderful person,wife, mother and grandmother..If only other ladies your age could be so wonderful our world would be full of happy happy human beings! I love carrot cake had the carrot cake cheesecake at the Cheesecake factory on their special 1/2 price day, was good and yummy..May your birthday be the start of a wonderful year, also congratulations to your son Gym Rat for closing on a home and having the means and where withal to actually purchase a home, the other things he need will be minimal in comparison to his home ownership.>God's blessings to you Sandy may you have a year of wonderful carrot cakes, sunshine, sparkly days and nights & of course love, peace and joy, ciaoXXX()()()()()

Marcy said...

♫♪♫ Happy Birthday to you!! ♪♫♪
I love reading about your adventures. You and your family constantly amaze me!