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Jan 27, 2014

What Happened to January??

Fun random pic of Kiy's newest princess doll, she has Elsa too.
Can you believe it is already January 27?

I was trying to figure out where the time has gone, but then I remembered that I spent two weeks being extremely sick. Then we sold a week's worth of Girl Scout Cookies. And don't forget the Dog Walker's Missionary Farewell! So many people have told me what a great job he did and I totally agree with them.:)

He is reading to me from his FHS 1500 textbook and I'm struggling to stay awake. Not that he is boring, I'm just tired! We had the kids back over for dinner. My sweetie made Mexican food, including his first try at Chile Rellanos. They turned out awesome (although his food always turns out great, no matter what he is cooking).

We only had two kids in the nursery today. That calling is just too easy!

Baby Doll sat with her own class today and Curly didn't even have to sit with her. They put the Dog Walker's plaque in the display case, right next to the one for Teach. Drama Queen took a picture and was supposed to forward it to me but I guess she forgot.

Got it now!
I wanted to put up an amazing post today, but instead I think I will head off to bed. Now that my birthday is over, I'm guessing my sweetie will get back on his early morning schedule so I will be on my own to get the kids off to school. The Dog Walker has finished reading and is off to his own devices. Besides me, he and Prima Donna are the only two still awake.

We really need to get on a better schedule.

Maybe in February...
I just need to blink and it will be here.


Anonymous said...

You have a full schedule and a full home of kids and a hubby, give yourself a break, January beezes by, not many people do what you do, maybe in Utah but not in the town I live in and their are plenty of LDS moms and dads, mostly they have to work both parents and rush all around to get the kids to places of your faith and themselves, when their kids get older they are assigned many household duties so the parents can pay for their mortgages and food and gasoline..They are not as involved as you & your family which in my opinion is a better arrangement the kids get the parents full attention..sure the extra incomes I am positive are sorely needed but most don't get to see their parents much after the oldest gets to be more responsible, everyone seems to enjoy the setup but many told my daughter they so enjoyed our home, we were poor as could be but I was always home with food and listening and comfort for many of the kids who were from huge families whereby the mom had to always work..it was not happy in their homes a lot of times, the oldest always being alone and working like both parents, school work, dinners to make and clothing (washing) vacuuming so their sweet moms and dads would not collapse from it all..I think you are more centered in your faith with your husband & I do realize you sell Tupperware and worked a lot with your kids when they were wee ones, but I think your family has more balance and joy and love of your faith..so enjoy yourself Sandy, happy birthday belatedly, you deserve to be treated like the Queen you are!

LeAnn said...

I agree that time is speeding by. With all you are doing it must really be going fast. I can't believe that it is the end of January. I feel busy; but don't feel I get much done with my time. I like you maybe in February.
Blessings to you!


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