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Jan 28, 2014


Crafty in the middle in black.
I know I've told you before about the PTA Reflections program, where the kids made drawings and movies and sculptures and all that good artwork. So tonight the winners were announced at the Region level of competition. We had kids win on all levels to this point, school, council, and now Region.

Crafty had the most chances, she was up for four possible awards, in Dance, Music, Film Production, and Literature. Princess and Prima Donna were also up for Dance, and Sport and Curly were up for Film Production. Bossy also brought Burrito who was up for Photography, in my opinion, the very hardest category!

Crafty and Prima Donna
We sat in the auditorium for 20 minutes listening to some of the amazing musical pieces these kids had written. By the time we were ready for the awards, I was feeling totally intimidated. Not Curly, he was sitting next to me bouncing up and down waiting for his turn to go up and get a medal. It never crossed his mind that they might not call his name.

Our first category was Dance and the second name called was Princess! She would have been so excited, but she wasn't even with us. She felt like her dance class was more important. Go figure! Crafty and Prima Donna were both called up for Honorable Mentions.

The next category was Film Production and sure enough, Curly was the first one called. He practically ran up to get his medallion! Sport and Crafty were disappointed when they didn't win anything, but there wasn't much time to be sad before they moved on to the Literature category. Crafty snagged another Honorable Mention there.

Curly in his green jacket.
But it was the last one for her. She didn't get anything in Music and honestly, after hearing those kids play, neither one of us were surprised. We waited anxiously for Photography. Burrito was sitting behind me and he was just so excited to go up on the stage! He was SOO disappointed when his name wasn't called!

The hardest part of Reflections is watching the kids lose. And they do. Every year. With the hundreds of entries my kids have done, we have only had a handful of wins at state and most of them were 2nd place.

So we shall see. We only have two left in the running, Princess in Dance, and my little Curly in Film Production. I'll keep you posted...


Anonymous said...

Kids can not win in everything they submit for winning it is a great lesson to learn early..Just to participate and learn how to be a graceful participant is the real lesson. Not everyone wins in life at all, the sooner little ones know it the better they can navigate life plain and simple..Your kids at least try and try and are very talented many parents don't take anytime to help their kids achieve anything and on the sports teams only one team usually wins, important to keep in mind that winning is not everything as Vince Lombardi said of the Green Bay Packers it is the only thing, I don't think that a good motto to keep in mind in life...Weathermen and weatherwomen are wrong more than 50% of the time and they still keep great jobs, tell your little ones that and open their eyes to what is really important in life and it truly is not about winning..They are so lucky to have a Mother and Father present in their lives a lot, love of their faith, siblings who love and care about them, food and a nice home, more than most in our country whereby many are suffering...just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom of 12 said...

I agree! That is one of the biggest reasons I encourage my kids to enter in every category, so they have a chance to learn to lose. They can't possibly be good in everything and learning to lose is important. But that doesn't mean there won't be tears and hugs and sorrow. Learning to grieve and then let it go is so important.

LeAnn said...

The program sounds like a great one. I can just imagine the disappointment when they don't win anything; but I do think we learn good things from disappointments. I hope your two that are still in the competition do well.
Blessings for all the efforts by your children.


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