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Jan 12, 2014

Crafty's Silver Award

You all know I love the Girl Scouts program. There are so many things for the kids to learn and it is nice to have little handbooks to help me know how to teach them. We have had a tradition for all of our girls to earn their Silver and Gold Awards before they turn 18. This year it was Crafty's turn.

Her plan for her Silver Award was very similar to what the older girls have done. They all made quilts for Primary Children's Medical Center. Her goal was to make 5 baby quilts. One of the tops she had to cut and piece herself. Then she had to get helpers to attend a Quilting Bee and get them all tied.

One of the hardest parts was the bindings. I helped her with some of them, but she had to learn to bind quilts too. Although she loves crafts, she has not done much sewing and this turned out to be a very difficult project for her. We did tons of unpicking and there were many tears of frustration (for both of us!).

In the picture you only see 4 quilts. That's because Curly donated one to Sub-for-Santa at Christmas time. He was just so excited about the family given to our school to help. They had an unborn baby and after a couple of weeks of listening to him talk about this poor child, Crafty agreed to let him give one of the quilts. He was ecstatic!

One of the requirements of Crafty's award was to let people know about her project and why she chose to do it. She wants you to know that we have a special tie to PCMC because they saved Princess's life when she was a baby (click on the Kiylee's Christmas tab if you missed that one). Many of our service projects are linked to them in one way or another. Crafty loves small children and babies and the thing that got her through this project was just imagining how a little one could snuggle up and love the quilt that she made.


Marci said...

What a great project! I'm wanting to make a quilt at some point for Emma, and binding it is already in the back of my mind.... I think I've almost decided that I'll do everything and then send the quilt to my mom or sister and have them bind it for me... Maybe :)

Congratulations to Crafty for completing this project! Before I found your blog I didn't know anything about Girl Scouts besides that they sell cookies, it's been fun to get a glimpse of what the program is all about!

LeAnn said...

The quilts are just beautiful. We had our granddaughter in PCH in the PICU for 5 months. She was one of the sickest babies they had ever had. When she went home she had two quilts. I love the thought of someone loving enough to make a quilt for these sweet children. Give that girl of yours a hugs from me.
Blessings and hugs!


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