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Jan 23, 2014


Helping with Laundry
You know, I've noticed a few things while I was down and out with pneumonia for the last couple of weeks.

First of all, my antibiotics are gone and I feel like I should be totally recovered. But it's not quite that easy. My cough is nearly gone and so is the gurgling in my lungs, but the fatigue just lingers on. I've tried to get back to regular activities like chasing the kids all over, going to Curves, selling Girl Scout cookies, and playing basketball, but I'm just TIRED! I really need that part to change.

Taking care of Baby Doll
Second, I got a little spoiled while I was under the weather. The Dog Walker and my sweetie did the laundry and my sweetie made sure we had meals cooked over the weekends that would stretch into the week so I didn't have to worry much. Yesterday one of the kids opened the fridge and with a look of total shock, exclaimed, "The leftovers are all gone!!"

Yeah. I need to go to the store tomorrow.

Third, while my body was not working, neither was my brain for the most part. Anything I could muster up was spent helping the Dog Walker with homework. (Thank goodness the little ones were off track!) So today I spent about six hours trying to sort through the huge pile of paperwork and bills that had accumulated on my desk and it's still not done!

And last, I just want to thank my friends who covered for me, Lori for helping out with Sport's basketball practice, Becky for teaching my lessons in Nursery, my doc for the antibiotics, my awesome kids who just took care of things and themselves, but mostly my sweetie. He has had all sorts of craziness at work and he usually goes in early, but for the last couple of weeks, he has hung around until all the kids are gone to school so I can get the rest my body has so desperately needed.

That's only one of the many reasons I've kept him around for the last 31 years.

Thank you, Sweetie, I love you!
Let's try for at least 31 more. :)


Marci said...

I hope you're getting better! How wonderful for you to have such good helpers!

Shell said...

So glad you had help!


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