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Jan 30, 2014

This is Story Time?

My little ones dance on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Tuesdays are hard because Curly does Tap with Baby Doll and then he has his Ballet class. It ends at 12:15 and then he has to swallow a sandwich in the car because school starts at 12:35.

Wednesdays are easier. They both dance from 10:00 - 10:45, then we drive the short distance to the library so they can enjoy Story Time before we run Curly to school.

So today was the first Story Time since early December. The kids have missed it! They love it when anyone will read to them and this librarian does a good job. She reads them stories and sings silly songs. She has them get off the floor and dance around and she pulls a puppet out of the box every week to introduce the letter of the alphabet they are studying that particular day.

After more stories and more singing, she gives each child a hand-stamp and lets them do a science experiment on the way out the door. Sometimes it's pretty simple, like stay for a few minutes and sort something into colors. Other times it's more complicated like build a mini-volcano and get it to explode.(Curly loved that one!)

But of all the fun things she has provided for them, I think they liked today the best! She pulled out a colorful parachute that was about 10 - 12 feet across and had the kids stand all around the edges. She showed them how to work together to make it go up and down and then once they got in a rhythm, she started throwing colorful balls on top to see if they could keep them bouncing but not flying off.

Of course the kids had other ideas. They wanted to launch them as high as possible! She asked all the moms to catch the stray balls and throw them back on the parachute. It was pretty exciting! And remember, all this was going on in the LIBRARY!
Baby Doll in her blue dance costume by Curly in black.

When we were finally finished and all the balls were gathered and the parachute folded and replaced in its box, the librarian presented each child with one of the colorful 4-inch balls. It was a great activity!

They can hardly wait to see what she will do next week...

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