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Jan 18, 2014

The Dog Walker's Mission Call

Lots of people seem a bit confused about the Dog Walker's mission call and pending service so I wanted to give you more information so everyone would understand how his mission is different from Teach's mission.

Teach put in her papers in December of last year and received her call mid January. She was given until March 20 to prepare to leave her family for 18 months to serve in Ft Worth, TX, which she is loving, BTW. We can only talk to her on Mothers' Day and Christmas even though she has a phone. She can't listen to music that is not church-related or classical, she can't watch movies or TV unless they are approved by her mission president and she can't leave her mission area without permission. Regular missions are strict, but it is all based on obedience and if she wanted to, she could climb on a plane and come home at any time. She spends her time knocking on doors with her companion and they teach and preach our doctrine to anyone who will listen. She is a missionary 24/7 and she only has one day a week to do laundry, send me an email, write letters, do her shopping, and all the normal stuff that anyone would have to do.

His name tag came in the mail today!
Now let's talk about the Dog Walker's mission. He turned in his papers a week ago Monday and it took a little over a week for his call to be issued. He is speaking in church immediately and being set apart on Sunday as a church service missionary working with the special needs seminaries and institutes. He begins his mission on Tuesday at the Hartvigson Seminary. His mission will only last 8 hours/week for now. He will work at the seminaries for 4 hours on Tuesdays and 4 hours on Thursdays. That will allow him to still keep up on his school schedule. He is taking 19 credit hours this semester so he will be a busy guy!

He can still keep his job walking dogs. He can watch wholesome movies with the family and listen to music. He can keep his phone and call or text whenever he wants. He can use the computer. He can do mundane tasks like laundry any day. He only needs to wear his missionary badge at church or when he is working in the seminaries. His mission will last for one year and he can increase his hours as his school load eases up in the spring, and he plans to do that. He will live at home with us and participate in regular family activities and holidays.

He does have to write a letter to his mission president once a week telling about his mission and his mission president is actually our stake president. It is the perfect mission for him. Last year we had some testing done in the church offices and they told us that it is very rare for someone on the autism spectrum to be sent away from home for a mission. We were happy with that because the Dog Walker was not feeling like he was ready to leave home yet anyway although we are hopeful that the day will eventually come when he does feel ready.

How did I do? Did I answer everyone's questions? It is a bit confusing, but either way he is a missionary just like Teach. They are just serving in different areas with a bit different rules. The blessings for
service are the same and he is oh so excited to begin!


Marci said...

LOVE the name tag! Does he get to go through the temple? Or is that just proselyting missionaries who go through the temple first? With how quick his call and start date happened it seems like there isn't time for that?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nathan... I mean Elder. We are all very proud of you and looking forward to hearing about your mission.

Mom of 12 said...

We are planning to go through the temple. With the speed everything happened, I'm guessing it will be February before that happens.

Tristan said...

This was encouraging to read for me! We have eight kiddos so far and our oldest is only 12. Six sons, two daughters. Our 7th child has Spina Bifida and is in a wheelchair, so we hope to learn more about service missions when he is older, we know he will not be eligible for a full time mission away from home (too many medical things to handle).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your son on his mission..what a blessed event to happen it is all because you his Mother and his Father..He is extraordinary..Teach sounds fantastic too..If other parents read your BLOG they could learn how to help their children to become loving of the Lord and in your faith teachers of your faith..Their lives will change only for the better, obedience to the Lord teaching of your faith, what an amazing blessing in our world..I nearly cried when I read what he will doing and attending college too and still be with his familia and love of his faith and so much in his family..God has special plans for your son the dog walker or as someone said Nathan..congrats again, God's Blessings always, what a wonderful young man and young lady too..all because of your devotion to your faith and family and clean Christian LDS living..If only others could be lead by your example, ciao and love and god's blessings alwaysX()

Marci said...

awesome! Thanks for answering my question! That will be a day to look forward to for sure! So excited for him to start his service soon!

Anonymous said...

Congrats dog walker. I'm glad your not leaving home. I would miss your guest blogs

LeAnn said...

I think it is so awesome that there are so many mission opportunities for anyone that wants to serve. I love what Dog Walker is being assigned to do.
I can hardly believe that your daughter had been out for almost a year. Of course, you probably feel like it is forever; which was how I felt with each of our children. My hardest was the one daughter that serve in Venezuela. Mission are so wonderful and exciting to see how much your children grow in these callings.
My grandson just received his call this week and has been called to Omaha, Nebraska and he leaving on March 19th; so it is soon.
Blessings for your write up on missions today.


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