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Jan 24, 2014

Letters from Teach in Texas

Teach has been so busy! Did I tell you she actually has her release date now?

I talked to President. 
He emailed the Mission office. 
August 21st I'll be on an airplane. 
It's right.

This has been a huge ordeal for her. As a sister missionary, she has to choose if she wants to go home a transfer before or a transfer after, so September 20 would be her 18-month mark, but she has to choose either August 20 or October 20. So after much prayer and fasting as well as a conference with her mission president, she chose August 20. 

Graduate school starts on August 25. :)
More pics of the Dog Walker
She was SOO excited to hear about the Dog Walker's call! When I told her I had pics of him looking just like a missionary, she said:

Oh man!!! Can you attach a picture of him to the email right now??? 
Which of course I did, and her response was:
awwwwww (: (: He looks like a missionary!!!!! (: (: That's so amazing! 
Then I just had to share this story with her:
So I want to tell you a cute one on Curly. Princess ordered a princess doll from JCP.com. It was backordered so she has been anxiously awaiting its arrival. So when the email came in that it had shipped, I told Curly, "Go tell Princess her Elsa doll has shipped!" He ran downstairs calling, "Princess! Your Elsa doll is on a boat!" :)

She said:
Noah is the funniest kid ever. Man, I miss that little guy. 

The she told me a story. Hers was much more spiritual than mine...
Oh, another cool story. The other day I was on an exchange with Sister Edwards and we were walking down the street and we saw a lady who was ... pretty worse for wear. She had every possible problem going wrong in her life at that point. We shared with her a simplified version of the apostasy and there was a moment when she said, "Oh, that just clicked, that finally makes sense. It was like a lightbulb just went off." And I said to her, "Rachel, do you know what that is? That's the Holy Spirit that you just felt. It is telling you these things are true." Now, Mom. You have to understand. Here in the South EVERYONE is always talking about how they are feeling the Holy Spirit so it was a really big deal when Rachel said, "really?? I've never felt the Holy Spirit before. Or maybe I just never knew what it was." She started to cry and 10 minutes later when we were leaving she was so grateful for that moment in recognizing the Spirit. (: We probably will never see her again because she's homeless and phoneless- but we made a difference. (: 
My last request was that she email me the 500-word essay I need to put with her application for grad school and this is what I got:

I just never really realized how focused I was until I tried to write an essay that is just not mission- related. It's really hard to not just... break out into testimony. 
She really is a good missionary. :)



Anonymous said...

She is planning on graduate school, oh, my goodness shout out to the Lord, it made my day to read your blog at this early hour 4:32 am in PST..What a fine daughter and the Lord must be so happy that she is on fire for Him and your LDS faith...Loved that she is happy about your son Dog Walker being a Missionary, now I can tell others, their kids need to buckle down and do something with their time and their love of the Lord..If only a few parents and I pray more than a few could teach their children like you and your hubs do, your faith and all and if not LDS missionary something else that serves the Lord all junvenile justice courts would be free of kids yearning for a familia and a faith they truly would, Congrats upon Teach going to graduate school and her mission and all..Congrats to you her Mother and Father too, you show a glowing example of what faith, love, discipline and obedience to one's parents can do in one's young life, it will serve Teach well all the days of her life and your son Dog Walker what a wonderful young man, how wonderful your familia, praise God, have wonderful weekend, take good care of yourself, pneumonia is nothing to overlook, rest and recuperate.ciaoX()):):):):

LeAnn said...

This was a lovely post and I really enjoyed the last story. I can relate to it since we worked in the Inner City with so many that were probably like this lady.
Your son looks so good in his suit. I love that he is serving a mission too.
Blessings and hugs!


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