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Oct 28, 2013

Costume Contest

I promised you the story about the costume contest today. Apparently our city does an annual costume contest although this is the first time we have ever heard of it. Princess had signed up as part of the Youth City Council to assist with the Farmer's Market event, so she was anxious for us to come.

The kids worried over their costumes for days, but finally settled on something awesome on Saturday morning. We were still putting on the finishing touches as we headed out the door at 10:45. The contest started at 11:00 and we didn't want to be late. Fajita and Burrito joined us and my sweetie went with Bossy and Gamer to Taco's football game.

When we arrived, there were very few people waiting, but after a few minutes they started to fill in. The city had set up a little makeshift podium near the front steps of City Hall. They had a table of judges and a little canopy for shade. For the end of October, the weather was beautiful!

They had several categories, and Baby Doll was part of the 0 - 3. She was nervous, but climbed the stairs by herself. She was wearing the little cheetah costume that was originally her Dad's. Every one of our 12 children have had their turns wearing that costume! She looked adorable. I didn't get a pic of her on the podium, but I did manage to get one in the fire truck later at the Safety Fair (check out yesterday's post).

The second category was 4 - 7 and Curly, Burrito, and Scout were all in that group. Curly dressed up as the mayor complete with a sign asking for the vote next Tuesday. I would have given him the prize, he looked so cute in his little suit and tie with a city hat and his sign. Burrito was a ninja and Scout was Little Red Riding Hood in a shortish skirt with long black boots.

The third category was 8 - 12. Sport climbed on the podium in his football gear since he had a game in about an hour. Not very original, but I thought he looked good. There were lots of kids in both of those categories and I was starting to think that our chances of walking away with a prize or two was pretty slim. Fortunately for us, there were only 4 people in the 13 - 17 category. Fajita was one of them and Crafty was another. We were virtually assured to win a prize! Fajita made a cute witch and Crafty was a pirate with a corset and long boots.

When they started the adult category, we decided it was a good time to hit the businesses who were giving out treats. We found Princess manning the city booth where they gave out t-shirts, candy, and water bottles. Just as we finished the last place looking for treats, they passed the word that they were ready to announce the winners. We rushed back to the podium.

Crafty, Princess, Bossy
They started announcing winners with the babies. Unfortunately, my cute little cheetah didn't win. In the second category, Scout was the first one announced. She had scored a third place victory and a cool $20.

We didn't win in the 8 - 12, but when they announced the winners for the 13 - 17, we cleaned up! Fajita won 2nd place in her witches costume to the tune of $30 and Crafty won the day at first place coming away with $50 in her pocket! My kids are awesome though, they gave the money to me to share with all of the siblings. We are going to go out to lunch next week after Sport's play-off game.

Not bad for a morning of fun!


LeAnn said...

Another awesome victory; congratulation to the winners and non winners. I think was such a great family activity. I am not a big fan of Halloween; although we always celebrated it. I liked the contest the kids were in. I think the Major should have one first place.
Blessings and hugs!

Emma Frances said...

I love that the kids gave you the money to share between everyone! That's the best! :] Also, I think Holland might have started a tradition with her cheetah costume last year so we'll have to pass that around to the rest of our kids and then on to our grandkids! How fun!


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