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Oct 22, 2013

Dinosaur Nuggets and French Fries

You know Baby Doll had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. It was the third in a group of 3. I think I've told you before that we like to let the birthday child choose the food they get to eat. Well, it was just me and my sweetie at Sam's Club when I suggested to him that we needed to introduce Baby Doll to Dinosaur nuggets and french fries. "Don't forget the broccoli!" he reminded me.

This particular dinner goes way back and I mean WAY back in our family history. I believe Teach is the first one who ever had a dinosaur chicken nugget, but that led to the craziness we experienced at Baby Doll's birthday party. You see, this is one of those classic times when parents ENCOURAGE their kids to play with food! The broccoli is the trees and it is a very important part of the dinosaur world.

Never mind, it's too hard to explain. I'll just show you the pictures and you can decide for yourself if my family is actually crazy or not.

Just a little crazy, don't you think?


Marci said...

I LOVE this! Dino nuggets are the best, and it looks like y'all enjoy them! I think it's fantastic, not crazy!!

LeAnn said...

I would say very cute and fun crazy. I loved the drama in the pictures. Dino nuggets are the best. I try to keep some on hand for when we have grandchildren visits. In fact, I am out of them for sure now.


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