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Oct 13, 2013

Fajita's Baptism

Today was a wonderful, busy, crazy day! We started at the Lowe's class at 9:45. Not everyone was with us, Sport had to report for his football game at 9:30, as did Taco. Not the same field, unfortunately. Prima Donna had rehearsal for the play at 9:00, and my sweetie was running Sport. We met up with the rest of Bossy's family and my Little Sis and her hubby and kids. It was a fun and quick kit except for the mess-up on Curly's that took way too long to repair.

We practically ran for the van and got to the field for the last flag football game about 5 minutes before it started. We had all 12 of our players there and the kids played their hearts out but we still lost to the Eagles. They looked like they had been playing together for a while. We handed out treats and pictures and certificates, briefly accepted thanks from the parents, and sprinted once again for the van. I wanted to catch the end of Sport's game.

Bossy dropped me at the field just after the start of the 3rd quarter. The score was 0 - 0, but Olympus scored right after I got there. We stopped their extra point, then we scored soon after and they stopped ours. It was 6 - 6 going into the 4th quarter. Both teams moved the ball well, but it was inside the final minute that Olympus had the ball on the 10-yard line. They threw a pass and the officials called pass-interference when our boys knocked it down. That gave them one more play on the one-yard line. Our boys held the line and we went into overtime. Olympus was first up and they had 4 plays to make ten yards. They did not score. Then our boys took possession. We ran it right up the middle for a touchdown on the very first play!

After the coach's speech we again sprinted for the car since Sport was now 20 minutes late for Nutcracker rehearsal. It took us another 10 to drive to the studio. I walked in with him and apologized and he said no one got after him, so I think he was ok. My sweetie and I drove home, taking a minute to breathe. The day was just getting started.

Fajita was scheduled to be baptized into our church at 4:30, but we still had a hundred things to do before then. We made lunch first to calm the masses, then I embroidered her name on a white towel Bossy bought for her. We practiced the song the kids were singing and I helped Bossy finish her talk while she tried to fix my printer. The kids were in and out with Nutcracker rehearsals until 3:00. Thank goodness the Dog Walker did all the running in between setting up his Halloween display. I made frosting for the 96 cupcakes Princess made last night because I knew she would be rushing when she got home from rehearsal.

Bossy headed for home about 3:00. By then I was sending the kids for showers and starting to get them ready to go. At 3:45 Bossy called me all in a panic. They didn't have a jumpsuit big enough to fit Fajita! Most kids get baptized at 8 and she was already 14. I was ready to go by then, so I pulled on my boots and headed for the distribution center near the Jordan River Temple. After several crazy moments, we finally found a dress I thought might work. I knew it would be tight and a little short, but the adult ones were way too big and they didn't have any jumpsuits that would even remotely work.

Thank goodness I had told Bossy to bring the fishing weights! When I arrived at the church my sweetie already had all the kids there. We slipped into the dressing room and I helped Bossy load the bottom hem with the weights. We didn't want her dress flying up when she stepped into the water!

When all was well they began the meeting. We were in the room with the font for the entire meeting since there was a funeral going on in the chapel. There were tons of family and friends there to support Fajita and they crammed as many chairs in that small room as they could. Bossy spoke first on Baptism, then I led the song that all the kids sang. Right after that I gave my talk on the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Then it was time for the actual baptism. My sweetie got to do the honors with the Dog Walker as one witness and Grandpa as the other. Fajita went all the way under the first time.

The confirmation will be tomorrow in their Fast and Testimony meeting. Our many guests devoured every treat! I hope everyone got at least one. Then it was back to the house. Bossy and I made a quick trip to Sam's Club for more tortillas while my sweetie finished up the Cafe Rio-style pork. Princess, Prima Donna, and Fajita took off for the Stake Dance right after dinner and Bossy, Gamer, my sweetie and I sat down to a few hands of Pinochle while the little kids watched a movie. It was a celebration after all!

Bossy's family left around 10:00. I cleaned up the kitchen, loaded the dishwashers and settled in to fold several batches of laundry while the Dog Walker read to me from his Economics book. It was a long and tiring day, but a great one!

Now if things would just slow down a little...

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