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Oct 11, 2013

Pee Wee Football

Just to be fair, I need to talk about Sport's football team today. He really loves playing and he never complains about practicing; for a while 5 days a week and now only 3 days a week plus a game. He doesn't miss practice for anything because he does not want to chance losing his coveted job as center.

For those of you who are football-challenged, the center is the guy on offense who snaps the ball. Sport does it left-handed, which is funny since he does things like write and eat with his right hand. I think I told you that the day of his last baseball game one of the coaches came up to me and said, "Sandy, I think you need to buy Sport a left-handed glove. He throws OK with his right hand, but he is phenomenal with his left!" Yeah, it was one of those bad mom moments. How could I not know that my 10-year-old son preferred to throw with his left hand?

But I digress...this post is about football.

We are more than halfway through the season now. There are only 3 more regular league games. Coach told them at practice yesterday that if they win their game this Saturday they will for sure make the playoffs. Yay! Two extra weeks of November football, snow and all...

Seriously though, I love watching him play! There are some sports that just teach them about really important things in life. He has learned discipline, hard work, respect, teamwork, and perseverance just to name a few. He has spent many hours conditioning and making his body stronger and faster. He might not have done all those things for me, but when coach says "Jump!" Sport says, "How high?"

And that, my friend, is the beauty of football.

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Marci said...

Nice! That's funny that he throws left-handed. Chris is ambidextrous, I never know what hand he'll use for things--it's crazy!


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